Wheelman Review (Game Informer)

GameInformer writes: "When you're hired muscle, or in Vin Diesel's case a hired lead foot, you never know what you're going to be asked to do. If you told me before playing Wheelman that I'd be tearing through the floors of office buildings at high speeds, taking on all ­challengers in a big rig, and terrorizing everyone in Barcelona, I'd say: "Sign me the hell up!" Whether on foot or behind the wheel, this game plays like a summer blockbuster the whole way through."

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Elven63549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Wheelman is getting pretty good reviews, its really not given enough credit. Hope it does well enough for Midway to fund Psi-Ops 2 :)

Edit: Diesowned!

Gun_Senshi3549d ago

demo was fun but SF IV KZ2 and RE5 got me broke.

Good thing SOIV is not released in europe until June

krazy14kraz3549d ago

at least it isn't a bad game. that's the last thing midway needs

daredevil4543548d ago

Well after all that hard work glad to see it paid off

Elven63548d ago

I agree, lets hope sales follow.