King of The Fighters XII: Teaser Site Launched

PlayStation LifeStyle:

Today Ignition Entertainment, released the official teaser site for King of The Fighters XII which will be arriving on the PS3/Xbox360 July 7th.

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kornbeaner3552d ago

I like how you link the site through your site to get some hits, you sly dog.

Sev3552d ago

Ignition PR announced the teaser site to me via email. Why shouldn't my site get credit. I wouldn't have obtained the info any other way.

I posted an article about it, the story links to my news article. That is the way video game news works.

Cwalat3552d ago

Agree with Sev, he has every right to link his own site.

Ontopic: =) YES! Finally, i've been waiting for ever.

GEESE3552d ago

Move over sf4, real men use 2D.

Cwalat3552d ago

Real Men, use 100% HANDDRAWN :D