Crispy Gamer: Wanted: Weapons of Fate Review

Crispy Gamer writes: "Much of what makes Weapons of Fate feel so good is the attitude it puts forth. The developers called their M-rated game's beginner difficulty "Pussy," which is exactly in line with the movie. This is more than just a licensed-property game that doesn't suck; it's one that actually improves and deepens the source material into which it's integrating itself. The game's plot expands on the movie's quasi-spiritual themes by looking at how zealotry and dogma -- doing what others tell you -- can result in hells of our own devising. Weapons of Fate manages to weave its themes into the gameplay really well. In these times, Wanted's message of taking radical control of your life makes for a resonant subtext. Don't be surprised if some of the game's vulgar scorn rubs off on you. Be warned: You might like it".

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