Kikizo reviews Ninja Blade

Kikizo reviews From Software's Ninja Blade on Xbox 360. Some introductory remarks:

"Hands up all those who like Quick Time Events. Right, here's a katana, PVC togs and a copy of Ninja Blade to play with - go in peace, young grasshoppers. All you people who kept your hands down - here's ten quid, go buy Devil May Cry 4. Sorted.

No, things aren't quite as karate chopped and dried as that, but you will get significantly more enjoyment out of From Software's solid, glossily derivative hack-and-slasher if button prompts raise your pulse rate rather than your hackles. Other action-adventure titles resort to the infamous QTE when the ideas run out; Ninja Blade makes it a defining principle. If you thought Resident Evil 5 cut near the knuckle at times, make sure you try the demo first."

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dirigiblebill3372d ago

I put "Xbox 360" in the title simply for the sake of exactness. But whatever keeps you happy, bloodmask old boy :)

Edwin853371d ago

I'm feeling a bit defensive about that score. Back-up, please? :(