Tecmo Launches Official Website for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Today

Today, Tecmo Launched the Official Website for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.

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Gun_Senshi3549d ago

I hate trophies but I will get platinum for this game. NG Difficult is for men.

NDN_Shadow3549d ago

They added more gameplay of Ryu and Ayane to it. It just takes forever for the website to load....

Yi-Long3549d ago

... unless they've screwed it up somehow.

The trailer looks extremely promising (apart from the lame english dubbing ofcourse)

The big question thats going round in the Ninja Gaiden fanbase is ofcourse if Sigma 2 will be just as gory and bloody as the 360 version, or if it's toned down or censored in any way...
Let's hope we'll get some answers on that issue from Tecmo very soon.

xino3549d ago

Think about this: why was the 360 version so lagging, freezing and slowing down? Because of the dead bodies, amount of enemies on screen, amount of details on screen and real time action effects.
Team Ninja didn't nail it!

I don't care about the blood, because the hi res images of NG2 had crazy blood effects, but in actual gameplay, I never saw anything like so in the pictures.

Gameplay seems to be like NG1, whereas enemies only attack you, if Ryu faces them or you allow the camera to face them. Although they will be firing projectiles at you.

Ayane Ninpon+Ryu's Ninpon= end of the world:P

IdleLeeSiuLung3549d ago

As xino was saying, the game is buttersmooth until you hit a lot of enemies or you hit a load point. In level 2 there is a point where there are some extremely annoying rocket ninja's and they are placed in a point where you have to pass the load point. Unfortunately, you have to move around all the time to avoid getting hit, but moving means moving back and forth between the load point causing slowmo game play.... I hope Team Ninja fixes some of the problems found on the 360 version.

White-Sharingan3549d ago

crap...wish I hadn't bought the 360 version last year...

Darkiewonder3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Same here. my best friend who is a 360 loyalist and swears microsoft is some sort of god recommended me sigma for ps3 since it was just a remake of NG Black [and more content]. so I did get it. and then he insisted i get NG2. which I did. do i regret it? no. do i feel shafted because ps3 owners will get a complete game now? yeah. Screw you microsoft.

IdleLeeSiuLung3549d ago

Why not? The 360 version is still a great game! There is still no guarantee this version will be better and I personally prefer the 360 controller for this type of games.

Darkiewonder3549d ago

if sigma 1 is any indication it will be good.

Avenged Sevenfold3549d ago

Can't wait for this! I think Ps3's controller is superior to the 360s pad for a game like this.I don't why, but hack-n-slashers work better with a Dualshock.