Skype should come to the Playstation 3

A.P. Stephens writes:

"Now, Sony, these may not be mind-blowing ideas for your console, the PS3, but I feel gamers as well as others could enjoy a couple of features you already possess and add those in an upcoming update for 2009.
There are two things I would like to bring to your System Features drawing board, as well as attention, are as follows."

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Cajun Chicken3220d ago

Good ideas. Want both, still haven't figured why internet radio isn't on the PS3 yet.

LoVeRSaMa3219d ago

I have thought about this too...

Image Skype on your PS3, not only being able to chat with your friends on the PS3 but make phonecalls to house phones.

You would also for Free call friends who use Skype mobile phones for free, hell id go and pick one up and carry it just so I can call friends on the PS3 =D

SL1M DADDY3219d ago

Internet Radio and Skype should both be implemented. I know we can all go to and listen to any song on the web and even make play lists but having an internet radio service right in the XMB would be slick. I love the PSP version so why not the PS3?

Ju3219d ago

Internet radio is a great idea. Best thing would be a "virtual audio track" you can select within games. Means, for games supporting background music through XMB you can actually tune in to a radio station. That would be awesome.

And, well, sure thing, Skype, would be great! Guess that's more political, though. I would guess some big phone companies would have a strong opinion about that. LOL.

MGOelite3220d ago

what is skype lol? i bought some headphones and i got a 30 day trail and i just binned it cause i didnt care

Dream Machine3220d ago

Skype is a program which facilitates internet phone calls. To call other Skype numbers is free, but to use other features (like calling mobile phones for example) there's a fee.

I heart Skype, its saved me so much money!

GVON3219d ago

I've been expecting this since it went live on the psp.not sure if i'd use it much but hey,more stuff is good.

Ju3219d ago

..and it has video support. Now the ps eye works fine on a PC with Skype.

Johnny Rotten3219d ago

They should have RSS feeds like the PSP does.

Godmars2903219d ago

Given that its already on PSP.

dragonyght3219d ago

the ps3 is really behind the psp in those feature rss internet radio and skype and instant messenger

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The story is too old to be commented.