Singstar PS3 to include 30 tracks with HD videos crammed onto the Blu-ray disc, too

The PS3 version of Singstar will come with 30 tracks pre-loaded onto the disc.

A pamphlet sent to Australian retailers revealed the included content, also confirming that each song will include a HD video with it, according to

Wannabe singers will be able to download new tracks onto their PS3 from a selection of 3000 via an iTunes-style download service.

Tracks will cost £1.49 each when the game releases in June.

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Siesser4295d ago (Edited 4295d ago )

So that's about $3 per song? Ouch. But then again, I've paid $1.99 for music videos off of iTunes, and those aren't even in HD or integrated into anything, so I guess the extra dollar in cost is justified... I just know I won't be buying a LOT of them at that price.