Very British Gamer: Race, Creed, Country, and Controllers

This week's Very British Gamer takes a look at the issues of race and nationalism in gaming, questioning if gamers can or should completely dissociate the digital fiction from reality.

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cain1413549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Being an Iraqi (or any middle eastern descent) in the US/UK must be a lot like being a person of German or Japanese decent during WW2.

I hope people read this column before commenting as he brings out a lot of good points.

Viewtiful3549d ago

The sad part is that you don't have to be an Iraqi to be ostracized in America, you just have to sort of look Middle-Easternish.

cain1413549d ago

What would you expect with people like this as the face of our society...

italianbreadman3549d ago

Oh jeeze. That's sad. SO sad. I would've cut her off and kicked her off if I was holding the mic.

NeverforgetNES3549d ago

I know, that's what it seems like.

Viewtiful3549d ago

Honestly I was more offended by how many white people there were in Kijuju. It was like a solid 1/3 of the zombies were caucasian. Made zero sense.

cain1413549d ago

Unless it was on like the border of south africa?

DK_Switch3549d ago

Yeah ... turns out there's white people in Africa.

Sorry, Viewtiful. ;)

italianbreadman3549d ago

Valid point. Randomly inserting people of other races just to appease oversensitive hate-seekers was absolutely ridiculous.

SlamVanderhuge3548d ago

Yeah, they should have never caved. I see why they did, but they should have stuck to their original vision

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DK_Switch3549d ago

I've always wondered why so many games feature a white, rich, American hero. I actually just did a paper on white patriarchal capitalism continuing to dominate the "ideal" in Hollywood films. Say what you will about Tomb Raider, but Lara is still important as long as she breaks down that barrier for women in lead gaming roles.

I don't mean to point fingers, but let's face it ... being a white, comfortable, American male is what everybody seems to assume is the best situation to be in, and I think that's starting to change (or at least get some overdue attention).