IGN: We Plug in For Pearl Jam's Ten

When Pearl Jam's breakout album Ten began getting mainstream attention in the early 1990s, everything changed in music. Although Nirvana had already paved the way toward a new sound with Nevermind, Pearl Jam's music was more accessible and radio friendly. The five-member rock group went from relative obscurity to global phenomenon overnight, and the band is still going strong today.

To many music fans, Ten is one of the greatest albums in rock, and it's a perfect addition to the Rock Band library. If you're a Pearl Jam fan and you've been scratching your head over what to download next for your collection, here's your answer: the full album, in its entirety, pulled from master recordings and specially mixed for Rock Band.

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Jamegohanssj53553d ago

This and NIN's are the only reason I am actually going to pick up Rock Band 2 when I find it for 30 bucks.