Level 7 (Sweden) : Socom:Confrontation Review

PA Knutsson writes "To get into the SOCOM world is not easy.It felt really that the game has been out for quite a while on the other side of the Atlantic, and as a beginner it is estimated to be humiliated a number of hours before we have a chance to be at the top.It is relatively easy to understand what to do, but to find such as bomb or hostages may sometimes be true Ingenious if they are multi-storey buildings.
In addition to appearance, it is a small name plate above the characters in the same team.Worries will start when there is a TEAM-MATE nearby so you do not understand who nameplate belongs.It only takes a few seconds to figure it out - as long as it takes to be killed."

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StephanieBBB3405d ago

Slant six are officially the worst big game developers out there.

TheColbertinator3405d ago

I honestly never thought anyone could mess up Socom so badly...

SoapShoes3405d ago

Zipper says hello. They messed the game up just as bad as Slant Six did, but gamers back then weren't as critical and hard to please. Despite the bugs, glitches, hackers, etc everyone seemed to love Socom 2.

Daves3405d ago

I got Socom at weekend from PSN, and tbh really liked it. Having played CS for years (but not for years now) I found it was the PS3 equivalent.

Dare I say it, but right now I'm enjoying the tactical gameplay a little more than the Killzone fragfest that can happen. Doesn't look half as smart as KZ, but since when were games all about graphics.

Anyway, Socom menus look crappy, and it takes an age to load... but v fun to play when you get there.

Nice push to talk as well!

Just one persons opinion.

chasegarcia3405d ago

I think Socom Confrontation is great. 8/10

Daves3404d ago

8/10 is about right...good fun game.