40° Wheelman comparison gallery

From "As promised, here's some direct comparison Wheelman screenshots, pitting the PS3 and 360 against each other once more.

"And once again, it appears to be the 360 version that's come out on top: the colour, clarity, detail and anti-aliasing is all superior on the 360 version. At times, the PS3 version appears so blurry and jagged in comparison that it almost seems like the game's not running in full 720p. We can't really confirm or deny this though. Have a look; decide for yourselves."

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doshey3223d ago

omg who cares game still sucks

Elven63223d ago

Have you played at least half of the game to even say such things?

myothercar3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Who cares, the game looks like crap on both consoles :D

Whoever wrote the article must have been living in a cave the last 2 years- not really a statement about the PS3's power itself, but more about the development challenge. PS3 exclusives edge out 360 exclusives by a considerable margin.

DavidMacDougall3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

"And to think, Sony made all that noise about how much more powerful the PS3 was going to be.."

Hes being sarcastic right? (Im not giving them traffic)

Dmack793223d ago

this comparison is just stupid. Especially since it's the wheelman that we are comparing!

solidjun53223d ago

Okay, first of all this is a multiplatform game. It doesn't necessarily fully utilizes both systems potential.

Second of all? Did SONY or any first/second party under SONY's umbrella develop this game?

Geez, armchair analysts from "Journalists" really show what they really are.

Dmack793223d ago

Especially since it's the wheelman. No one cares. Moving on.

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