"PS3 Firmware 2.70 definitely this week. Developers got it yesterday"

VG247: Just got this from a prominent PS3 developer at GDC: "PS3 Firmware 2.70 definitely this week. Developers got it yesterday."

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solidjun53549d ago

Sony never confirm or stated what was in 2.70. However, SONY never outright denied it. That's the problem. I know sometimes companies don't like to talk so they don't like to put things on the record. However, sometime I wish SONY would come out and say "It's not what has bee rumored"....if it is what has been rumored.

I have this funny feeling that it's just stabilization procedures and may one feature like a picture capture. I could be wrong and I'm the first to admit I'm wrong.

We'll see though. ^_^

chrisnick3549d ago

i think its sick that we get updates so huge and so often...everytime turning potential into reality, then surpassing it. I love sony, not because im a loyalist or bcuz i hate ms or nintendo but bcuz of the mere fact that i know that no matter what happens, if i buy their console, im gonna be taken care of.

StephanieBBB3549d ago

Cross game chat and voice msg'ing was "in development". And as this update has been "in development" I would say that those two are definetly in it.

xztence3549d ago

Better keep your expectations low so u wont get dissapointed.

solidjun53549d ago

I think we should keep our expectations low so our temperature won't rise if what we believe is in the 2.70 update, doesn't come into fruition. Trust me, I hope it does and I would gladly celebrate with you guys but um if it doesn't happene...oh boy.

Cajun Chicken3549d ago

Keeping expectations low, the last few firmwares were uspposed to be epic and they really weren't. I'd still be delighted if in-game screenshots was made, as in for games.

Mindboggle3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Oh dear, its always a bad sign when you hear "the developers now have it" it basically means any new in game features require a patch....Which means itll never happen...

I really hope its a universal system...Like in game messaging, not like custom soundtracks...

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gaffyh3549d ago

Because of the "developers got it yesterday" statement, it means there must be something good in the firmware. Maybe cross game chat/invites but I won't get my hopes up.

StephanieBBB3549d ago


morganfell3549d ago

Not necessarily Mindboggle. That would apply to games in a very narrow window that were in Q&A and final versions of those games could not be tested for compatibility during the final testing of the 2.70 update. The only two that come close to that mark are Wanted and Red Alert. But seeing as the PS3 team in charges of the updates had at least 3 weeks to check the gold master of those games then there should not be an issue.

Kleptic3549d ago

not neccessarily 'all' the features need to be patched by game xmb worked across the board at was trophies that needed patched by individual devs for 2.40...

in game chat will most likely work when 2.70 releases...if its actually in there...that is all functionality of the xmb that needed optimized to run in game...xmb functions now have nothing to do with the game itself...all to do with what amount of Ram Sony has blocked off for OS operations...its rumored to be around 50 megs as of Sony only has that 50mb to work with for XMB they optimize the OS more and more (effectively the xmb), they can add new features without needing more memory during gameplay...

its cross game invites and the expanded Home integration with gameplay that will most likely need partches from devs...the cross game invites thing will most likely be a mess for the rest of the year...two many games handle party systems too differently...

this is all of course assuming the rumored features for 2.70 are actually in this next FW update...but dedicated in game chat to online friends is most likely in it...they said a long time ago that it was just a matter of time to be possible with the current os requirements...

Mindboggle3549d ago

I really hope so. If 2.7 does include cross game chat or internet browser in game, i just hope its not down to the developers to patch their games to support it, as it just wont happen....

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whoelse3549d ago

Remember 2.40? There was quite a big build up by Sony on their blog about the firmware more than a week in advance. If this comes out this week, then it can't have features like voice messaging and in-game voice chat because that's worth shouting about!

BigUpsToAllDemHaters3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

@Sarcasm 3 years is a long time don't you think?
Don't let your fanboyism effect your way of thinking

I want to talk to my friends while playing different games and send invites. Is that too much to ask?
In a way I see why it's taking too long to get these options, because PSN is free, so I can understand why it's not up to power yet.

NegativeCreepWA3549d ago

I just hope its more than media player updates.

I_am_rushin3549d ago

'@1.4 - "Guys
Better keep your expectations low so u wont get dissapointed."

Yeah after playing home...'

That's your problem right there. Home is not a game!

heroicjanitor3549d ago

It has been out 2 years. Why do people see it as that important? Is it because the 360 has it that you suddenly want it? I just send a message saying want to play whatever then when I get a yes switch games... It's not that hard...

morganfell3549d ago

Mindboggle, I understand the concern. I picked up both RA3 and Wanted today and if there is an update issue I'll pm you.

I know what you mean about the need to patch to support. That would entail readjusting the way a title uses assets. I wouldn't think that would happen. The main reason? The impending R2 patch. If 2.70 is coming this week, it is doubtful they would release something that required a dev patch in the face of a game patch that doesn't include the chat feature.

I will say that if 2.70 isn't released tomorrow then I do not believe it will arrive on Thursday, the same day as the PSN store is updated. That is typically something Sony would avoid.

BrunoM3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

ok guys SUP tp all of you .. i got some newss lol... some people from my friends list have the comment as 2.70 i was like wtf are they talking about ...

well i ask and so hapens that some people got it ... i look for it on fw update but nothing thing is they really did get it i didnt belive one of them went on cam and well.. it dos say he as 2.70 but his XMB is lock now he cant do anything same for another 3 guys .. il try keeping u guys up to date ..

UPDATE: the fw comes with something named CCT for now none of them are ble to open it but its there ...

Update2 : all of them said asking with out them knowing th e update was there about 3 to 3 and a half hours ago...

karan86243549d ago

Personally, i am going to keep my hopes UP for the update, because even if I dont get what i want, it really isnt that big of a thing. But i do think Ill get what I want most from the update : a quicker in-game XMB. Its SOOO slow right now..

FlameBaitGod3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

What xztence said but... every time Sony releases a FW update it does have something good. Im just happy they keep releasing FW updates & keep improving home at no extra charge

BrunoM3548d ago

(and no is not only me my cusins is donw he lives 3 hours away and 2 more family ps3s went down here in toronto ...

verb3k3548d ago

This is not a blogging zone, keep it a comment (i.e.short and to the point)

yz2503548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

called out p s3 fan fvck

edit to morganfell you are the biggest douche on n4g

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pwnsause3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

dont expect anything big guys. the only thing you should expect is multiple PSN logins. R2 patch 1.5 confirms that its getting it. all it needs is this update.

solidjun53549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

What does the multiple PSN logins entail? Just curious.

EDIT: Okay, appreciate it man.

thereapersson3549d ago

I think it means that if multiple people are playing a game on the same system (local multiplayer), each person will be able to use separate profiles so they can earn their own trophies and use their own data.

faisdotal3549d ago

Even after what Psyonix Jerad(sp?) said?.....

I'm finding it very hard to NOT be excited.

Sillyace923549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

I'm pretty sure you're wrong, I remember a while back a quote from Insomniac games said they were addressing the issue with the second player of co op and not being able to sign in to their PSN account and which they replied they couldn't do it before but with the new firmware update out (2.60) now they could do it and on thursday they're releasing a patch for it. And I'm pretty sure if developers got it now there's no way insomniac could pull off a patch and play test it that fast. So pretty much Multiple PSN login was added in the last firmware 2.60

Avenged Sevenfold3549d ago

Wow, multiple accounts would make it very easy to boost in CoD4.

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MaximusPrime3549d ago

getting interesting.

looks like it will happen. PS blog no doubt reveal it all in a video walkthrough a day before release.

joeyisback25853549d ago

u can sign into more than 1 account at a time lets say u got 2 ps3 controllers and 2 accounts u can sign into both at once and get trophies for both if its a co op game or w.e

DeforMAKulizer3549d ago