IGN: Final Fantasy: Echoes of Time Review

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time is a great dungeon crawler that is not only a step above Ring of Fates, but also one of the best loot-based hack n slash games outside of PC. With that being said, the easy purchase isn't found on Nintendo's console, but on DS, where the intended touch control, two screen presentation, on-the-go local and online gaming, and audio/visual offering is at the top of the system's library, and not lost in the shuffle. On Wii you're getting an emulation of the same game, though with no visual upgrades, tacked on IR control, the ability to take your character to a friend's system locked out (except on Wi-Fi), and an overall lackluster port over it doesn't seem worth it.

Presentation - 5.0
Graphics - 4.0
Sound - 6.5
Gameplay - 6.5
Lasting Appeal - 8.0
Overall -

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TheColbertinator3224d ago

Hopefully Crystal bearers is great.The trailer was awesome

SpoonyRedMage3224d ago

I'm still getting this game, it shall be awesome, just for the Co-op mayhem.

ChickeyCantor3224d ago

First one was awesome too.
ITs easy as hell but its just fun to play....

One day I was so bored i played the game 3 times in a row( from start till end, singeplayer mode, ended up being level 98 XD).

they should add more depth to it though, but the online function makes it all awesome to be honest XD

...Now if only Nintendo did this with fourswords =(....

Myst3224d ago

Awesome game, got it today and have to say it's really fun. Haven't had to much time online. Tried tonight but seems no one is on. Overall when my it's fun and great that it's more reminiscent of Mario Kart Wii (In a way) getting the choice of playing world wide or continental; or even just invite a friend to your game. Overall It feels like the old Crystal Chronicles for GameCube remade for DS with the reintroduction of races again, overall pleased I got the game and glad I got to hold my DS again for this short while.