10 Reasons Why Second Life is Better than World of Warcraft

10 reasons why Second Life is better than World of Warcraft. Oh this will enrage some loyal WoW fans but take a look at the ten reasons, the supporting videos and links, and see if your position is not reconsidered.

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Xwow20083470d ago

but i will say one thing


TheAntiFanboy3470d ago

World of Warcraft and Second Life are two different genres entirely. You can't compare them. One is a virtual world designed predominately for social networking. The other is an objective-based video game. They might both be MMO's, but they're both totally different products with totally different goals.

Whether one is better than the other depends SOLELY on what you're looking for.

Xwow20083470d ago

though second life was a game.
will in the end its personal choice.

Tarmgar3470d ago

There's a hell of a lot of good points in this article. Based on the ten points they state, yea, it's better than WoW. But, GAMING wise, WoW is destined. Most of the points made weren't even about gaming.

TheAntiFanboy3470d ago

Which could also mean both are equally good.

If two things have the same amount of excellence, then that means they also have the same amount of suck.

tehk1w13470d ago

I love articles that try to be controversial just for the sake of being controversial.

Might as well be wearing a huge sign that says "PAY ATTENTION TO ME"

onlinemmo3469d ago

In the first sentence it says it is in response to an article stating WoW is better than SL and comparing the to.

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