Lens of Truth: Resident Evil 5 Comparison (720)

Resident Evil 5 just shipped out so now it's our turn to compare this action-packed survival horror side by side and find out which version will send shivers down your spine or simply send you back to the store. This time around we decide to depart from our traditional Head2Head and introduce the first ever Head2Head LIVE! Keep on reading to find out which version we and our viewers have chosen to infect your console of choice.

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evildeli3224d ago

I honestly think the textures are the same. It looks like PS3's graphics engine dulled some of the textures.

frayer3223d ago

Dude, you're a 360 fanboy instigating your own articles to drive hits to your website.

Ghoul3223d ago

"PS3's graphics engine"

there is no such thing. and the 360 does have slightly sharper textures but in the end they both look amazing. no need to defend one side.

evildeli3223d ago

Name calling cause your console lost won't get you far.

thewhoopimen3223d ago

Theoretically the difference could just be between 2x MSAA and Quicunix (on the ps3). That would explain the blur differences in the stills.

Eddie201013223d ago

The textures are the same on both, the difference in the way they look is because of the way they handle anti-aliasing, xbox 360 anti-aliasing looks a little sharper and makes the textures appear a little sharper. The fact that it is a little darker by default makes everything appear a little sharper too, you can adjust your tv brightness or in game brightness if you want it to look a little darker on the PS3. The PS3 version still looks just as good, just a little different because of the way the hardware handles things. I've played both versions and there is no frame rate difference between the two versions.

You will be just as pleased with either version, and unless you had the games running side by side you would not even notice the very, very small difference between the two.

evildeli3223d ago

I meant graphics card. Sorry to throw you off completely.

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Marcello3224d ago

Yea this is becoming so yawn now, just get it for the system you have and enjoy it.

I really cant see that much difference, wat would be interesting is putting the PC version side by side if/when it comes :)

evildeli3223d ago

A microsoft xbox to microsoft PC sounds like a yawn comparison to me and no brainer. That should be simple port.

Ghoul3223d ago

They said the ps3 had no selfshadows but i could clearly see the microphone shadow on the ps3 version too @ 1:51

hmm weird

Ghoul3223d ago

dont disagree its a fact, watch the video ffs.

Sevir043223d ago

the 360 version looked darker.. if darker means better graphics then i guess. i think the lighting in the PS3 version was fantastic... They oth look amazing but plays like MEH!!!!!! skip this game, if all you want are pretty graphics then this game is the perfect choice. RE4 has the gameplay

Panthers3223d ago

Resident Evil is about STORY and RE5 moves the story forward a lot more than RE4. The gameplay is the same in both games. Plus, Co-Op is amazing. But if you dont have any friends to play with then yea, I understand.

Ghoul3223d ago

i also liked the less dark more global illuminated ps3 lighting better.
but i gotta disagree about it beeing a bad game, especially since you mentioned re4 couse re5 is the same gameplay basically.

blind-reaper3223d ago

I tought the same as you but after trying different layouts during 1 hour I finally get used to the controls and the game became fcuk!ng addicting in my opinion my learning curve time was really well spent.