PS Blog - God of War Developer Interview #2 - Art Director Ken Feldman Answers Your Questions

Jeff Rubenstein // Social Media Manager: "As Game Developer's Week continues, we bring you the 2nd of our 5-part interview series with the people creating God of War III. Today, Art Director Ken Feldman tells us the mythology behind the story of Kratos, and where they get those gory ideas."

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DragonWarrior465343549d ago

I need this game. Like yesterday.

mrb3ar3549d ago

Watching these videos, seriously get me more and more pumped for GoW3. I don't even have a ps3 yet, but I'm praying for a price cut - at least before this comes out so I can grab it.

College life absorbs my wallet..

infamous_273549d ago

Cant wait to see 50+ comments on here :P

On topic: GOW3 looks so amazing! I cant wait to see the demo the guys were talking about in the first video

josephat843549d ago

I love how everyone in Sony cooperated with each other. Best exclusives baby!!

swiftshot933549d ago

God of War 3 from a visual standpoint is an achievement. IT blends art design and technology 50/50 and the end result is a game that is jaw dropping. And like the developers themselves mentioned before, this game has the biggest scale in a videogame ever, moving levels of titans trying to reach Zeus on top of Mount Olympus is something that boggles the mind when though of, let alone see.

I am eagerly anticipating the release of GOWIII, and E3 2009 where sony is confirmed to be announcing a release date and show off gameplay footage to the public =D

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