The Galactic Pillow Review: CSI Miami

TGP writes: "One of the side effects that has arisen with the release of both the Nintendo DS and the Apple iPhone is the re-emergence of the long lost adventure game. Not since the heady days of Sierra's Quest game catalogue have there been so many games released in this genre. That is not to say that the quality is there yet but at least adventure gaming has made a comeback.
CSI Miami is your ubiquitous adventure game based on a hot entertainment property, namely the high ranking series of the same name starring David Caruso. The game, by developer Gameloft, attempts to mimic the structure of a regular episode presenting the player with a crime and the subsequent steps the CSI team undertakes to find and prosecute the perpetrators. Presented in four chapters the player is tasked to collect evidence, process it, analyze the results and interrogate the various suspects."

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