Blu-ray aims to oust DVD's within 3 years

The Blu-ray Disc Association said on Thursday that it aimed to replace DVD's within 3 years.

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eques judicii4292d ago

more posts that aren't really game related, but I'll comment on it anyhow... blu ray should not think that they can oust DVD, even in 3 years, Dvd will be around for at least another 10 years because people with large collections are not too eager to replace them all with 40 dollar discs. I know that the price will drop but to say that there will only be blu-ray is a bit pompous

NitrogenB4292d ago

Each format lasts about 10 3 years, that would put DVD's right up to the line. I agree with you, I am not replacing my whole DVD collection, but from now on, if I had a PS3 or a Blu-Ray player, I would be buying Blu-Ray discs. DVD WILL get phased out...I don't know about 3 years, but it will NOT still be kicking 10 years from now. That's almost guaranteed.

eques judicii4292d ago

true, 10 years from now it will be a memory... i just think 3 years is a little presumptive... and if you have either High def drive then you are probably buying movies for it. the next year will be interesting to see which format starts to edge out the other.

sony and the bluray federation should hope that the ps3 starts moving more than 250,000 worldwide per month or things might stop being so rosy...however, the european launch should help

that being said, I have an hd-dvd drive and I'm really enjoying it, but I'll probably get a standalone bluray player when the hit 200 dollars (I have the 360 hd-dvd drive since it was only 200 bucks)

Black Republican4292d ago

you are correct this has nothing to do with gaming
that is why it is in the indusrty section !!!!

lilwingman4292d ago

The way I'm thinking about Blu-Ray is that I have absolutely no intention to replace my current DVD collection, but any new releases now I'd probably get the BD.

Karebear4292d ago

I'm replacing Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and a few of the other really important movies in my collection. The rest of them will stay on regular DVD. My problem is that I can see the artifacting on normal DVDs now on my TV, its so annoying :)

I've only bought two normal DVDs since I got my PS3 in November and they were both from SD TV shows. The other 12 movies I've purchased have all been Blu-Ray.

eques judicii4292d ago

Lord of the Rings was Universal and done by Peter Jackson... I doubt it comes out on Bluray. I expect some sort of big thing like they did with king kong and the Hd-dvd drive...

star wars is fox so that will definitely be bluray

Harry potter is warner, so it will probably be both...

Just didn't want you to expect to get Lotr on Bluray

lilwingman4292d ago

Ummm, King Kong was a Universal release, yes, but LotR is a Warner release (New Line is a subsidiary of Warner), and they've been pretty clear about their support for both formats.

eques judicii4292d ago

alright lil, you're right it is warner... but if you do a search for it, it does not have bluray listings, but does have hd-dvd listings. I imagine that even though its warner, Peter Jackson has some control over where it ends up and since wingnut studios is so closely tied to microsoft I'd imagine he convince them to only put it on one format...

but time will tell ;-)

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Rooted_Dust4292d ago

I wouldn't think that you would have to replace anything. It is still a disc format. It's not like switching from casset to disc. As long as it is still a disc based format you should be able to keep all your old movies.

BubblesDAVERAGE4292d ago

why do people keep saying blu ray is 40 bucks apparently u never bought one they are 25 bucks at ebgames......

eques judicii4292d ago

some are around 25, but the new releases are all about 40 dollars. At target and best buy (where I do most of my dvd shopping) the hd-dvds are on average 10 dollars less, coming in at between 20-30 dollars while the blurays are around 30-40... but there are exceptions

Plus, when I worked at EB games, our selection of bluray's was about 6 movies.. not quite as deep a selection as I like to choose from.

Watapata4292d ago

I've bought several Blu-Ray movies, each one within a week of release. Most I've bought at Walmart and a couple at Best Buy, and not one of them has been over $30...If you want to know the movies: The Prestige, Flyboys, Enemy of the State, Covenant, and Running with Scissors...

Torch4292d ago

Here in Canada, Blu-Ray movies usually average no more than CN$30...which amounts to about US$1.67. ;)

The prices are usually only a few bucks more than normal DVD's and seem to often be less expensive than HD-DVD's.

See for yourselves:

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