Planet Xbox 360: NCAA Basketball 09 Review

Planet XBox 360 writes: "My last willful foray into the virtual sporting world was the 16-bit era with my old pal, NBA Jam. Since then, I have moved towards voyeurism versus playing, reveling in the crowds, energy, and statistics. My friends avoid me after week long bouts of Sportscenter. Confident in my knowledge of college hoops, I dove into NCAA Basketball with reckless abandonment. After learning the ropes, my views are mixed. NCAA Basketball '09 is a decent simulator that improves upon its predecessors, especially by utilizing the NBA live engine. However, it lacks accessibility for the average fan. After the wonderful EA sports logo, a phalanx of menus bombards you with options running 4 to 5 layers deep. You control the rules, foul consistency, and manage your rosters. While any sports nut may drool over the endless possibilities presented, I found it overbearing."

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