Nintendo updates Virtual Console

Those who wanted the turtles have something to be pleased about.

Nintendo has updated the Virtual Console list and added Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ice Climber to the list of downloadable games.

After the disappointing news from earlier in the week that the arcade version of TMNT wouldn't be available on the Xbox Live Arcade service in Australia, Nintendo's decision to bring the NES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game to the Virtual Console is likely to prove a popular one with fans of the half-shelled heroes.

Meanwhile, Ice Climber is a 1987 platforming game where you take control of Popo and Nana, both of whom you may recall from their appearance in Super Smash Bros. Melee on the GameCube. Both games are available for 500 points.

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Ravenator5294264d ago

Due to Nintendo's attempt to analy rape its gamers by charging them for old games with no new options, these games will be free for download to emulate onto your PC along with more gameplay options.

eclipsegryph4264d ago

Disclaimer - What you are stating is not only illegal, but illogical.

PS360WII4264d ago

Why not just be quite about the price of VC. People are buying them and are enjoying them. I don't care that you can get them elsewhere and put them on your PC. I'd rather have them on the Wii so I can finish up a round of Tiger Woods then play some Kid Icaurs for a few then finish up a dungeon in Zelda with the easy of not having to turn anything else on or for that matter move anywhere. Raven we get you don't like Wii stop spaming hate cuz of it. It's rather annoying

Ravenator5294264d ago

I love my Wii! Twilight Princess, Wii Sports, and Trauma Center are excellent additions to my gaming library. I just hate the virtual console at the moment.

This is a perfect example why I hate the VC. M$ is charging $5 for TMNT:Arcade but along with that you get achievements, and online 4 player co-op with voice chat.

On the Virtual console you get the NES version of TMNT:Arcade. And thats it for $5.

If you like them, then thats fine. I am just here expressing my opinion.

And to 1.1, yes I will agree that its not "technically" legal (UNLESS YOU DO OWN THE ACTUAL GAME) but "illogical", I don't understand how you came up with that? Whats so "illogical" about it?

I just love it when people complain about PC emulation. I think its totally hypocritical for anyone to really argue about it. Its like these people act like they have never downloaded an illegal MP3 or copied a CD for someone. You do understand that its all the same don't you!?

PS360WII4264d ago

It was bad of me to assume about the hate. I understand a bit about the price and I think it has divided Wii owners a smidge. I think half like it, half hate it and some in each of the halves don't even use it or just don't have broadband.

Ravenator5294264d ago

I usually get a half and half response to my opinion. Some people agree and some people disagree. We are just on seperate sides of the fence with this issue.

But thats why we have this forum.