GDC 09: CryENGINE 3 Teaser Video

Crytek, the developer of Far Cry and Crysis, announced earlier this month that its in-development multiplatform game engine CryENGINE 3 would be shown off for the first time at Game Developers Conference 2009. Now it's GDC week and IGN got an exclusive sneak peek at Crytek's CryENGINE 3 trailer.

According to Crytek, the trailer features both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 footage.

The video is meant as a tech demo only, so the fact that it features nanosuit-clad soldiers from Crysis running around doesn't necessarily mean anything concrete. It could just be that Crytek recycled some of its existing assets. No titles have been officially announced that will be built on CryENGINE 3 as of yet.

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Cajun Chicken3524d ago

Epic need to step up their game.

N4PS3G3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

The gears of war team is supposed to be using this engine for their new game with Microsoft Game Studios

and actually i hope they do..because this looks ALOT better than Unreal engine


I didn't mention Epic anywhere...only mentioned the gears of war team

Doctor_Doom3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )


Best engine so Far

lol @ disagrees

Mindboggle3524d ago

epic not using their own engine, that sounds like BS to me. But if they are, even they are abandoning it...

Cajun Chicken3524d ago

Eh? Don't Epic usually stick with their own engines?

Ghoul3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

epic is in good shape they just need a wee more time for unreal engine 4.

nice to finally see a console version of the cryengine, looks incredible. please dont compare it to killzone they are very different.
though choice for devs to choose wich engine when your not having one inhouse. the choice is incredible these days between highend content engines.

Unreal engine 4
Killzone2 engine
Cryengine 3




I didn't mention Epic anywhere...only mentioned the gears of war team "

still wrong since its only some teammebers that went to mgs, its not the gears of war team. Couse those people are the core creative team at epic.

mintaro3524d ago


It says that people who were formerly on the Gears team (Epic), now work for Microsoft and are using the Crytek engine to create a new game.

Ghoul3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

its a joblisting for mgs (microsoft game studios) not epic.
those people where former gears of war team members but arent anymore at epic.

@disagrees ?
care to explain ? i only posted a fact. A jobpost for mgs has nothing to do with epic. Epic isnt part of mgs.

Crazyglues3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

wouldn't Epic not using there own engine for a new game be an EPIC FAIL... that's like saying we made this engine but it's not that good so instead of improve it we will just use the other guys... LOL

Now back on topic, sorry I just had to laugh at what N4PS3G said right there... but yeah this is looking amazing..

The real Question is, will Crysis now be coming to the consoles... That would be a pretty amazing game to have on the console.

Maybe they could do a Part 2 to Crysis Warhead and give us that...

or just port Crysis 1 and really take advantage of the systems different features.. to try and push the engine

I would indeed buy whatever version of Crysis they give us. the Multi-player would probably be a lot of fun.

Doctor_Doom3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

"epic will never release a game on a non epic engine around this time.
the listing for cry engine is most likely couse they protoype with it for outdoor stuff. "

Who knows ??? lets wait and see and don't take this so seriously its just a game

(Seriously or personal = Fanboy)

@ Ghoul
Cool man

If GG or Epic Used CE3 , Do you think its gonna be good for gamers ??
I'm sure everyone is going to be happy it looks great even from the low res video

Ghoul3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

it would indeed be interesting even for crytek. Crysis on is still one incredible game that most console games didnt come near. only killzone and gears are on the same level. So porting the "old" crysis games would still result in on of the best console shooter to date.

sorry i edited my former post a sec after submit since i re read the story url and saw it wasnt even an epic job listing wich cancled my whole post.
but what do you mean with serious ? where just discussing

dantesparda3524d ago

Who was not impressed at all by it. I thought it looked very low res and aliased and the texture details where very low, both systems are really starting to show their age.

SuperM3524d ago

The funny thing is people say KZ2 isnt close to Crysis in graphics because ps3 is nowhere near as powerfull as a high end pc. But now it seems like we are getting Crysis graphics and maybe even Crysis itself on consoles.

But id keep saying what ive always said, having played both Crysis and KZ2 i think KZ2 definately does compete with Crysis in terms of graphics. If you havent played both games yourself please dont even bother commenting on that. All in all i think KZ2 looks better, although that doesnt mean it has better graphics. Its just a personal opinion. But most of the environments in KZ2 does look truly jawdropping and unless you have played the game yourself you wouldnt know. The demo is nothing to go by imo as the first level in KZ2 is by far the ugliest. The rest of the journey will leave your jaws on the floor.

Ghoul3524d ago

beautifully said.

Killzone for me is a better Graphic experience then crysis. Graphics is more for me than plain polys and textures sizes. Its about Art direction, coloring, mood and overall design. And thats where killzone tops crysis by a mile. The techdesign in crysis is awefull. the only great design is the nanosuit (except the helmet).

Crysis is awesome when it comes to realism in foliage and atmospheric effects (weather, daynight cycles, realism in general)

Killzone is awesome when it comes to a consistent design universe, mood and intense action.

Joey Greco RULES3524d ago

crysis can happen on a console. it just wouldnt be NEARLY as good as the PC version. That would be like putting Kz2 on the Wii----its just not Kz2 anymore. It loses its pizzaz.

sumguy813524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

This does look like a pretty great engine. but you can see some obvious made-for-console changes to the engine. the biggest one i noticed was the draw distance. on PC, you can see the actual trees that you can interact with from a thousand yards away. it is an incredible game in terms of scale. on the console version in this video, the mountains in the distance are bare. that's because the consoles can't handle that much real time data.

@superM: i own both and i'm actually about to sit down and play through crysis again because this video gave me the itch. but from what you said i can only assume you're playing crysis on a very low end system. killzone, in absolutely no way, can compete with it. killzone is a colorless experience with almost not environmental interaction. you can't climb hills, push through foliage, swim, etc... you also can really only play through the game one time before you've seen everything. there's no breathing room to play with your own unique style. but in crysis you can stealth, you can go in guns blazing, you can steal vehicles, you can shoot down trees to kill guys, or you can shoot down tress and use them as cover.

I didn't help make crysis, and i even i find it insulting when ppl try to make killzone out to be anything more than what it is. an average game with slightly better than average graphics by console standards. in a side by side comparison of crysis on a decent PC vs killzone, there's no way you can say there is competition. if video games were sports, these games would be in completely different divisions. in fact, if video games were sports, crysis wouldn't have any competition sept for maybe farcry 2 (and don't use 360 or ps3 versions of farcry 2 to refute that claim. you have to experience it the way it was meant to be played).

@Ghoul: you don't have clue what you are talking about. and from the dozens of other things i've seen you say in forums, it's obvious you'd make unfounded claims like this as you are a HUGE ps3 fanboy.

Danja3524d ago

wow looking good , other than the texture pop impressed ..and whats up with the KZ2 hating.....KZ2 still looks better IMO.....the latter stages in KZ2 is draw dropping so I would suggest if ppl haven't played it yet to withhold from the hating .. ;)

joevfx3524d ago

killzone 2 engine looks so much better.

MNicholas3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Apart from the great hit response on the tree it looks like COD4/5 level at best in terms of geometry, real-time effects and lighting, textures, etc... Then again, that's pretty good for a multi-platform engine!

The Lazy One3524d ago

graphics isn't the same as art.

graphics most often refers to just the tech side of graphics. Higher poly models, visual effects, better textures, and lighting are examples of graphics. Art is art. They combine to make visuals.

Ghoul3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

thanks lazy i know that too :)

im using that term couse people mix up tech and art, and define it under the term graphics(the normal gaming folks). thats why i said graphics.

im more then aware of the differences at least its my job.

btw why do i get the fanboy treatment once again ? i didnt said anything bad about either games or companys, i love crysis killzone gears and halo. dont try to push me into a corner just because you dont want to argue with me instead you try to make my posts fanboy bs

Jake11113524d ago

This doesnt compare to KZ2.... I cant believe how blog hype has pushed KZ2 out of the spotlight of amazing technical feats!

I have finished KZ2 2x now and it gets more amazing each time I play it. I cant get over the complete game from graphics to AI. It is so intense at times that it feels like you are really there. . .

Hip Hop Shamer3524d ago

and kz2 engine is made for completely different atomospheres. So stop comparing it to kz2

3524d ago
solidt123524d ago

Looks great but I won't get too excited until I see a actual game on a console and looking that great.

XLiveGamer3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

This quality of Graphics on Xbox 360? Thats B.S. !!! X360 can't give us that quality! Buuuuuuuuuuu!!!! That's No ingame trailers.

XD LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ DaTruth
Welcome to the Gamers Side

DaTruth3524d ago

I said(and many others) that the 360 was at its limit and as a PS3 owner to all the 360 owners, I am glad for your sake I was proven wrong! Both PS3 and 360 owners get to play awesome multiconsole games on this fantastic engine with incredible graphics and full destructibility.

Please fanboys, don't make me regret this.

MNicholas3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

My initial impression was from the small, low res video on IGN which appeared to show some decent lighting. A small video will hide poor textures and even poor geometry.

Now that I've seen in HD, it's clear that CryEngine 3.0 is simply not in the same class as existing multiplatform engines and certainly nowhere near the quality that certain exclusives are pumping out in terms of geometry, texture quality and filtering, lighting and even draw-distance.

See for yourself and, if you disagree, please explain in what regard the visuals from this demo meet or exceed those of existing multiplatform games like COD 4 & 5 and Fallout 3:

HD Video (extract from .rar compressed file with application like 7-Zip first):

3524d ago
JsonHenry3524d ago

Yes, yes - give us your best "PC-Like" engine and watch console boys eat it up all the while talking down about PC gaming.

Looks good. Hopefully it makes it to market BEFORE the next round of consoles.

JsonHenry3524d ago

Those pics look as good or better than MOST games on the market right now man. I agree about the textures and stuff, but it is made for consoles with a a lowly amount of CPU/GPU RAM. Hell, my video card has faster and more RAM than both consoles do. And that is just my video card.

If you expected it to look like the PC cryengine games then I can see why you are upset. But for a console? It looks FANTASTIC.

MNicholas3524d ago

Those do not look as good as many multiplatform games on the market today. They fare even worse when compared to platform exclusives.

The lesser RAM of consoles compared to PCs has absolutely nothing to do with the poor visuals of the CryEngine3 demo. Lots of existing games on 360 and PS3 easily outperform the demo.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Henry you were never too smart with your dumass posts.

crytec should stay on the pc it has no business on consoles. guerilla games has shown what a certain console can do. You can enjoy cryengine if thats all you have within your reach.

and before you come up with some retarded remark. i have my own top of the line pc and my own copy of crysis........................ ......havent played it since i beat it once. I BEAT KILLZONE 2 twice, and am now beating it on elite. so yeah, you can eat your cryengine.

ThanatosDMC3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Didnt they say CryEngine is gonna be limited by the hardware that it is on... i wonder who'll be getting the short end of the stick.

Also, the video sucked since it was low res. There's all ready noticeable "random change" in the amount of leaves when the camera move left to right. We'll see how it all works out.

JsonHenry3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Lol, you must live in a perpetual state of denial! Your other posts crack me up!

**EDIT - Why so angry? You afraid that a mutli-plat game might look as good/better than your second coming in the form of KZ2? I never mentioned KZ2 in my posts... so why did you bring it up? You are a Fanboy maybe?

I liked KZ2 as well. But that is not gonna stop me from enjoying other nice looking games from other companies. You can keep your fanboyish ideals and keep lying to yourself. I just play the games. And it would seem console games based off of CE3 are going to look better than most. Now if the game is good or not... that has yet to be seen.

thewhoopimen3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

This Cry Engine 3 looks like it compromised big time in order to fit on consoles.

The lighting isn't anywhere near Crysis 1's level on the PC.
The rural building polygons look about the same as Far Cry2's and the urban city looks like it could've come out of gears of war 2. It's got that hyper-realistic plastic feel to it.

The landscape has interactive plant detail but look at how far out it actually extends.... My guess is we can only see foliage in our immediate view up to a few hundred feet. I think Crysis 1's extends tree line extends out to a few visible miles.

The smoke that emanates from the gun fire explosions aren't even real volumetric smoke. It looks exactly the same between the first shot and the next shot. Crysis had really impressive explosions and smoke.

There are compromises all over the place and though I respect that they were able to cram all the features into consoles and i know it isn't polished yet, I don't think this is engine is as impressive as the original cry engine even. It's still a multiplat engine and it shows.

Aquanox3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Shut up guys... fanboys from both sides. This looks better than anything ever released on consoles.

I highly doubt this is any console, it should be running in a very high end PC... Sli and all candy.

IF something doesn't look as good is because of the crappy video quality you spinners.

FamilyGuy3524d ago

I've never felt the saying OMG! to be more relevant.
Did you see the friggin palmtree get shot?

Amazing stuff I'd have to say. Can't wait for an actual console game to be released using to engine to it's potential.

y0haN3524d ago

This demonstration looks like Crysis with poorer graphics and fixed weapon cameras.

MNicholas3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

have nothing to do with real or perceived console limitations. Plenty of console games look noticeably better than this demo despite facing the same hardware "limitations". The frame-rate of this demo is pretty poor as well. This is especially noticable where the small shack collapses.

Let's just acknowledge the harsh reality: This is just a poorly performing engine all around. They did a fine job building a PC engine but a poor job porting it over to consoles. It happens. Deal with it.

PC developers have always struggled on consoles (notice how utterly ugly Race Pro looks compared to PGR4) and it appears these guys are no exception. Since the release date is a long way off, let's hope they put that time to good use and at least bring it up to par with games like COD 4.

Spydiggity3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

so many ps3 fanboys coming outta the woodwork to talk about how great killzone is and how much better ps3 is than 360 and how 360 can't top ps3 visuals. give me a break!

first of all, killzone is not a technical feat. problem is, this community is dominated by ps3 only owners. and they live there lives in a little gaming box where they are never exposed to anything but the sub par games that come to that one system. yes, metal gear was good, yes ratchet and clank was great and, of course, farcry 2.. but outside of those 3 games, it's got nothing.

and farcry 2 embarrasses killzone.

there is no question the cryengine 3 will be the best console engine this generation. stop giving killzone more credit than it deserves simply because you have a VERY narrow perspective on gaming. sony slaves should actually try playing a 360 or a pc before they go around claiming it's the greatest thing ever.

KZ2 is a completely bland to look at game with no unique characters, level design, story telling, or enemies. i could go on, but i'm tired of talking about and hearing about KZ2. i was the ONLY person at the midnight launch and that should have tipped me off to how lame of a game this was going to be. but i stupidly made the purchase anyway, and i haven't touched that joke of a game since the first week i had it. and there's another article floating around on here about how kz isn't selling well. there's a reason for that too. and it's the same one (many).

and before any fanboys accuse me of not having it, you can compare trophies with me on PSN and you'll see it's there. but you wouldn't go through that trouble, you're much more content doing what you do best: going around on n4g forums making non-factual claims about the only system you know anything about.

EDIT: Sumguy81 nailed it. kz2 is a completely linear game, with virtually no interaction with the environment. comparing it to Crysis really is insulting. it would be like comparing Bach to Li'l Wayne.
EDIT2: I love reading the comments from the ps3 fanboys saying that it won't be as good on 360 cuz the hardware can't support it. lol what planet you ppl living on? every 3rd party title gets slightly better reviews on 360. i can only think of ONE game where ps3 got the better version (quake wars -- and who plays that?).

CaseyRyback_CPO3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Honest question. How many of you are retarded? Im going to continue laughing at the people that honestly think they will see crysis/kz2 graphics on a engine designed to run on the core 360 without a hdd.

So when are we waiting for these games to be released? 2012? I thought Alan Wake was the poster child for the 360's non plateauing graphics..? It changes daily... but at least we can all agree on 1 thing, Epic is sweating bullets right now.

The unreal engine was so old in 2005, and its much much older with PS3 exclusives & newer game engines looking better, multiplatform too. if they get their act together and make it as approachable as UE3, i think thet days of every single game looking like a glossy normal mapped mess that you have to pretend looks amazing are over! welcome to next gen.

try the roast beef.

thebigcheese3524d ago


indysurfn3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

You sir are a irrational LIAR. What kind of PC plays crysis that dont look way better than any console game around? KZ2? Hello! Mcfly! Stop lying your not fooling anyone!!! Your just showing how irrational people are about exaggerating the graphics in Killzone2. I'd love for a console to be as powerfull as a high end PC I just built my budy one with one three Phenom CPU's and a 1 gigabyte video card and four megs of ram before I gave it to him I played crysis and it stomps down every console game around. Wait until you shot a three and while it is falling off shot the part that is falling and it two splits off you will see real physics and awesome graphics. Not no dang on Killzone 2 level graphics please! And this is coming from a non pc gamer. Lets see modern CPU check....three of them check....8 times more memory for just the cpu than the whole PS3 has combined check plus two times the memory for the GPU then the PS3 has combined check. And this is just a basic medium-high end PC too..... BLOW out. Fanytoy please!

SL1M DADDY3524d ago

Let them cook their own goose with their own engine. Let's all just be excited that there is a cryENGINE for consoles that looks stunning.

And to the guy who thought the Gears team would use something other than Unreal... LOL

Marquis_de_Sade3524d ago

On the same level as CoD engine? Hahahaha, honestly, don't lie to yourselves silly fanatics, this looks far better than anything I've seen on those 2 games.

Aquanox3523d ago


What a cheap attempt to try to make this look not as good. Grabbing the few screenies that don't look as good and not those that look spectacular.

I swear I can grab screenshots from every game out there (Gears 2, KZ2, RE5) and make it look like crap if chosing the worse ones.

Why not showing the bridge on fire, the incredible waterfall, the lightning among the vegetation.

This Demo looks above anything seen so far in consoles... which doesn't mean final games will look as good. Remember this is a controlled demo not a game (at least it seems so)

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N4PS3G3524d ago

Damn! Looks really good...but the video is not High Def..kinda worthless to see the details of the engine

HS833524d ago

I wasnt sure what to expect when I saw it, but I was impressed!!

StephanieBBB3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

But it's probably still an early build. I hope that it's custom made for both the 360 and the PS3 so it use's em both to thier true potential.

Still looks very, very, very good.

TheIneffableBob3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

I watched the HD video.

Crytek made a lot of compromises. It may be just because it's unfinished and unpolished, but in its current state it's rather unimpressive. It's like CE2 medium settings. You can see that some of the environment textures are fairly low-res with little filtering and the LOD is some areas are just downright atrocious.

Some screengrabs.

caladbolg7773524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Yea, there was a lot of pop-in, a few shadow/lighting issues dabbled around, and a LOT of jaggies but overall it looks good, especially on current-gen consoles.

Hip Hop Shamer3524d ago

this engine can come up with inpressive graphics

bakalhau3524d ago

The "Crysis" stuff... I found it, at least in this crappy low-res trailer, to be very, very close to the High/Gamer settings of the Crysis games. It seems much closer to high than medium. The trees look very good, the draw distance is pretty big, the lighting is definitely of a much higher quality than the Medium settings, the character models are solid... The motion blur has the same awesome effect as in the game... As I said, it looks on par with High imo.

Which is, in all honesty, what I always expected the consoles to be able to do with the CryEngine. They can't do much more than High settings due to (but not only) the graphic cards they use. Optimization can only go so far...

Marquis_de_Sade3523d ago

I was impressed by the detail and density of the foliage, I imagine it to be an early build though. Can't wait to see a final build of it, will be interesting to see how it compares to the PC version, but for me it already looks better than pretty much any finished console title, Gears 2 and KZ2 withstanding.

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