Five PC Games That Were Ahead of Their Time

The games in this list are here because they added something to the gaming scene. Most of them did something for the first time, and usually, gamers weren't quite ready for it. Yes, sadly, most of these games were not huge successes.

Anyway, read on, and enjoy.

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sak5003601d ago

BTW I finished Trespasser and i believe i had 3d voodoo card which helped me getting 15-20fps in the game ;)

nice_cuppa3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

thats the power oooof love !

d du du-u

thats the power of love !

d du du-u

the pooower of love !

"we've got to go back !"

"were doc ?"

"back ..... to the future !"

InMyOpinion3601d ago

Playing Syndicate on my old Amiga 500 is one of my best videogame memories.