Two New IPs Coming At SOE's Gamer's Day

Sony Online Entertainment just announced the dates for their next Gamer's Day in New York and Los Angeles. According to the press release the May event will include information on upcoming titles, expansions, updates on live games, hands-on demos, interview with developers and best still two new IPs.

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Saber3966d ago

but I've seen this used quite often, what does IP mean or stand for??

Shrek3966d ago

Not a stupid question.
IP = Intellectual Property

Saber3966d ago

Thanks but I still don't know what that means...

Vojkan3966d ago

In simple word. 2 new yet unknown games. Not Little big plane, not Home, someting totaly NEW

Saber3966d ago

now that makes sense :) thanks.

Shrek3966d ago

basically it means somebody owns the idea to a game.

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techie3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

new ips? There are a few listed on ign that are unannounced...i wonder what they are..

Oh wait SOE...Online...oh so prob something like Go! Suduko, or Super ruba dub lol...not too exciting.

Shadow Flare3966d ago

Final Fantasy VII and Zone of the Enders 3
Final Fantasy VII and Zone of the Enders 3
Final Fantasy VII and Zone of the Enders 3

techie3966d ago

Ok this is a question. Doesn't SOE just produce online games for the ps store?

Shadow Flare3966d ago

uh, oh yeah, you're right lol. I missed the bit that said SOE. I saw "2 new IP's" and my head went spinning about Final Fantasy VII.

Although, SOE i think made Field Commander on the psp. So i think they do make real games. But if its chattin about ps3 then its most likely arcade games for the store

Dreyals3966d ago

is responsible for Everquest, Planetside, Field Commander, Untold Legends and a few others. Could it possible be an MMORPG?

techie3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

My bad - I know what they are lalala

it's these

"Sony Online Whimsical MMORPG [untitled] Sony Online Entertainment (SOE)

Sony Online Mercenary / Spy MMO [untitled] Sony Online Entertainment (SOE)"

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BlackIceJoe3966d ago

I do have to wonder if this is only for the PC or PS3 too. I would love a PS3 game that allows you to play with people on a PC.

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