Winners and Losers: GDC 2007 Edition

As far as Game Developers Conferences go, GDC '07 was something of a mega-hit. We saw major new products unveiled, eyebrow-raising headlines, and first looks at some highly anticipated new games.

If anything, this year's expo proved one thing: the carnival atmosphere that plagued past E3s is slowly seeping into the previously buttoned-down, developers-first world of GDC. With E3 2007 newly neutered and downsized, is GDC destined to take its place as the showiest, flashiest, craziest game expo of the year? Stranger things have happened.

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soccerstar4290d ago (Edited 4290d ago )

LittleBigPlanet looks like a ton of fun i cant wait to play it

techie4290d ago

I think no matter what anyone says now about "well does lbp really appeal to adults" etc...are basically way off. That game and concept is already a hit - there's so much hype about that game on the web. We need more stuff like that. Anywho I want a AI dog!

Bathyj4289d ago

I'm an adult and LBP is my most wanted game as of now. And I think its the closest example of photorealistic graphics yet. But the reason its likely to appeal to more people besides kids is that it appeals to gamers who have always wanted to make their own game. Every gamers dreamt of it. I used to spend as much time building skateparks as I did skating it Tony Hawk. The dev said it himself at the conference, "You're the perfect audience. Creative types."

bilal4290d ago

i think that everyone should remember that gamepro is pro sony....(just like gamespot and kotaku which are pro microsoft)...

techie4290d ago

Oh get over all this pro malarky. They are all cinical journalists and some of these journalists have preferences. So what.

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The story is too old to be commented.