UK Police prefer day time console launches, midnight is asking for trouble

Departments of the UK police have expressed strong concerns over the upcoming launch of PS3 at midnight across many UK retailers. One spokesperson quite rightly states that the events are an advert for muggers. Imagine gamers walking through London with a £425 piece of kit in their hands, should midnight launches be put down for good?

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Neutral Gamer4268d ago

Anyone who's been out at night in any major UK city will know how dangerous it is with all the muggings and assaults, especially with drunk people leaving bars to go to clubs which'll be especially true around the midnight time.

No doubt staff have to be paid more to work nights as well. Game launches should be at 6am, when it's daylight and safer.

techie4268d ago

I think it will be amusing. New year in London was amazing - there were police everywhere and people just drinking on the street...I think there's gonna be people waiting to nab a ps3 off a previously happy customer. Oh well.

DiLeCtioN4268d ago

where am from (hackney) you get mugged, if you look serious the thief will aim for some one else. either way its likely you will still be a target for your ps3. and that is why i pre- ordered mine for time saving and hassles. but if i were to go out at night am rolling with my boys or family