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NPD: January 2009 Life to Date Numbers


Assassin's Creed - 2.3m (360), 1.15m (PS3)
Bioshock - 998k (360), 106k (PS3)
The Bourne Conspiracy - 103k (360), 83k (PS3)
Burnout Paradise - 371k (360) 306k (PS3)
Civilization Revolution - 96k (DS), 254k (360), 149k (PS3)
The Darkness - 284k (360), 133k (PS3)
Dark Sector - 139k (360), 97k (PS3)
Dead Space - 337k (360), 212k (PS3)
Disgaea - 45k (DS), 78k (PSP)
Dynasty Warriors 6 - 113k (360), 103k (PS3), 26k (PS2)
Eternal Sonata - 98k (360), 33k (PS3)
Fallout 3 - 1.14m (360), 452k (PS3)
Fight Night 3 - 1.19M (360) 526k (PS3)
Guitar Hero 3 - 2.37M (360) 830k (PS3) 2.75M (Wii)
Guitar Hero: World Tour - 924k (360) 466k (PS3) 1.39M (Wii)
Kane & Lynch - 300k (360), 197k (PS3)
Karaoke Revolution Presents American Idol Encore 1 - 85k (360) 46k (PS3)
Karaoke Revolution Presents American Idol Encore 2 - 20k (36o) 16k (PS3)
Lego Batman - 207k (360), 128k (PS3), 507k (PS2), 420k (Wii)
Lego Indiana Jones - 241k (360), 142k (PS3), 456k (PS2), 563k (Wii)
Mirror's Edge - 207k (360), 125k (PS3)
Mortal Kombat vs DC - 592k (360), 512k (PS3)
N+ - 26k (DS), 21k (PSP)
Prince of Persia - 282k (360), 248k (PS3)
Pure - 158k (360) 92k (PS3)
Rock Band 1 - 1.65M (360) 648k (PS3) 1.03M (Wii)
Rock Band 2 - 1.02M (360) 384k (PS3) 353k (Wii)
Saints Row 2 - 480k (360), 188k (PS3)
Saints Row 2 [Collector's Edition only] - 30k (360), 11k (PS3)
Shaun White - 271k (360), 141k (PS3), 537k (Wii)
Silent Hill 5 - 73k (360), 84k (PS3)
Silent Hill Origins: 80k (PS2), 154k (PSP)
Skate - 606k (360) 202k (PS3)
Sonic Unleashed - 113k (360), 69k (PS3), 315k (Wii)
Soul Calibur 4 - 500k (360), 353k (PS3)
Space Invaders Extreme - 58k (DS), 34k (PSP)
Star Wars Force Unleashed - 823k (360) 464k (PS3) 626k (Wii) 175k (DS) 263k (PSP) 352k (PS2)
Tiger Woods 09 - 216k (360), 174k (PS3), 565k (Wii)
Unreal Tournament III - 164k (360) 219k (PS3)
The World Ends With You - 172k (Nintendo DS, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360)

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jack who  +   2352d ago
i lol'd
Multiplatform sell better on the ps3 /s

Bioshock - 998k (360), 106k (PS3)
The Bourne Conspiracy - 103k (360), 83k (PS3)
Dark Sector - 139k (360), 97k (PS3)
Fallout 3 - 1.14m (360), 452k (PS3)
Fight Night 3 - 1.19M (360) 526k (PS3)
lord_of_balrogs  +   2352d ago
Of the multi's only Silent Hill 5 and UT3 sold better on the PS3 in America.
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n4grrod360   2352d ago | Spam
OmarJA  +   2352d ago
I wonder who would agree with jack who ? multiple accounts ?
Lfmesquite  +   2352d ago
Most of the sales are usually 2-1 in favor of 360 once in a while, the PS3 version is almost the same as the 360 version, sometimes the 360 version sells 3-4 times as much.

It's not fair to count Bioshock and Eternal Sonata, or anything that's a time exclusive to a certain console.

But it's about what you would expect. In the US, 360 has a 2-1 or larger userbase and most third party games sell about double. Sometimes less sometimes more.
rhood022  +   2352d ago
Hey good job on picking 2 timed exclusive games (over a year in both cases) to pad out your examples.

You really proved...um..some sort of point..yay?
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Unicron  +   2352d ago
Well, he did say it was in the US only.

There is the rest of the world, but these numbers have nothing to do with that.
frayer  +   2352d ago
bubu NPD= world
Jamegohanssj5  +   2352d ago
We the PS3 owners are too busy buying good exclusives. We have no time for Multiplatforms. Especially the crappy ones. The Darkness? Kane and Lynch? I'd rather be lynched in the dark.

Can't take a joke eh?

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Mindboggle  +   2352d ago
Dont forget this is only america, and NPD only tracks 60% of sales. When you include worlwide sales, the games usually even out. These NPD sales are expected considering US is 360's hometown.

Dont get me wrong im not doubting the sales, its clear 360 wins on sales in america...I just thought i would bring that up, as its bound to sooner or later lol
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drpepper6121  +   2352d ago
The 360 has around a 8 million console lead on the ps3, but yet the ps3 can come within a couple hundred thousands units. You would think that with that many more 360's out there compared to the ps3, the sales would be more one sided.
BulletToothtony  +   2352d ago
it would be extremely stupid for EA and/or Activision to say that the ps3 makes them the most money
when that information wouldn't be true.. why would they claim that on their sales...

I understand that fanboys get happy when they read things that tells them that their console is winning but come on.. as hard as it is fellas.. put facts in front of your hopes..

North America does not equal the world, even if you press disagree.. the europe/pal/asia are much bigger places than the US.. and just because we hear all the BS that goes around in the states does not make the 360 the leading console.. i'm sorry but those are facts..

If the 360 was selling more, than the ps3 then the gap wouldn't be closing each year now would it.. common sense fanboys.. please!!!!
Half-Mafia  +   2352d ago

thats true about the 8 million lead but i know about 10 people that have bought 2 or more 360s becuase there first broke. so for what we no that 8million lead could be only a few because the other 360s r in a landfill.
Press_Agree  +   2352d ago
PS3 of course takes #1. Press Agree.
GiantEnemyFlop  +   2352d ago
wow, look at all these FLOP
Blue Dragon - 189k
Infinite Undiscovery - 110k
Lost Odyssey - 348k
Tales of Vesperia - 107k
The Last Remnant 118k

and M$ say ff13 will sell better on the 360

the xbox 360 is not an jRPG console, FACT

FLOP(in 360 fanboy dictionary) = a game that does not sell millions
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Strikepackage Bravo  +   2352d ago
Games sell better on PS3
when you consider WW sales? Oh really, because wasn't everyone saying the same thing about hardware sales? "Ps3 is destroying 360 sales in the rest of the world", then we find out that 360 is still firmly in the lead world wide?

Where do you guys get the idea games are selling better on PS3 world wide, does anyone have a link?
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xztence  +   2352d ago
@Strikepackage Bravo
how about you stop being ignorant and look at all the charts that have been released these past few days.

seriously the only thing the xbox fans can bring up are the npd sales.
i dare you to bring up sales in any other country. you cant because you know ps3 sells better there, npd is not the world, and looking at all the sales charts released yesterday we can guess who leads.
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Aquanox  +   2352d ago
Sony must be very worried about this:

Motorstorm 1 - 427k
Motorstorm 2 - 138k

Resistance - 1.07m
Resistance 2 - 640k

Two promising franchises that didn't see any kind of boost in the second iteration.
Why dis  +   2352d ago
WoW how are you getting disagrees?
xztence  +   2352d ago
both those games have sold over 1 million outside of US
but i guess since you guys only have US as your world...
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2352d ago
In general, games sell better on the Xbox 360 than on the PS3 in America. Xbox 360 owners buy more games and coupled with larger user base it is not unexpected.

However, as PS3 user base increases the ratio of games sold more on the 360 will get smaller.


Can you point us to some sales numbers for DMC4 or RE5?

Street Fighter IV is an abnormality in that the d-pad on the 360 sucks @ss! So unless we start seeing a significant number of games start turning the tide selling more on the PS3, I wouldn't call it out. Especially since there is at least 20-30 other games selling better on the 360. It will just make you look like a fanboy, but I guess you are not concerned about that with a name like n4grrod360.
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Black Maverick  +   2352d ago
@ Aquanox
Games released in 2006 have more sales than games released 6 months ago?

*@_@ am shocked*
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dantesparda  +   2352d ago
Wow! the level of stupidity
Exhibited here is astounding. First of all the games sell close to the same rate/ratio on both systems, because A.) this is in NA only and in NA, 360 has double the units supposedly (16 million 360s vs 8 million PS3s). So if a game sells 1 million on the 360 and 500K on the PS3, then they are selling at the same rate on both systems. But i guess that this is to hard of a concept for the fanboys to grasp, but i digress. Also, even if say its selling at 1.1 or say 1.2 million on the 360 vs 500K on the PS3, the 360 is still not selling it at a vastly higher rate. If the PS3 had the same amount of units sold in NA as the 360 then it probably would have matched the 360 in terms of sales.

And to Aquanox, you big 360 fanboy clown. At first glance what you said about MS2 and R2 might make sense. Until you stop and realize that those numbers for R1 & MS1 have more than double the amount of time on them. Lets wait and see what R2 & MS2 numbers look like when they've had the same amount of time on their side. Nice try though fanny.
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Ju  +   2352d ago
"games sell better on the Xbox 360 than on the PS3 " ? Hm, that's not what I read out of the data. But maybe that's just me. In most cases the numbers sold reflect the install base in the US, which is 2:1 (or somewhere around that), however, I must say, I am pretty surprised, that some titles on the PS3 can almost match the 360, like:

Burnout Paradise - 371k (360) 306k (PS3)
Mortal Kombat vs DC - 592k (360), 512k (PS3)
Prince of Persia - 282k (360), 248k (PS3)
Unreal Tournament III - 164k (360) 219k (PS3) - ha ha, yeah, I know, nobody cares about this, but anyway, PS3 outsold 360!

Right, I know, PS3 gamers don't buy games ... NOT!
Chubear  +   2352d ago
The OP changed his post
He replaced "on the Xbox" with "on the PS3"


I'm sure you're just trying to get a raise out of people and can't be that dumb cause I'm sure you are more than aware that

Motorstorm 1 - March 2007 - 2yrs ago
Motorstorm 2 - Nov. 2008 - 5months ago

R:fom - Nov. 2006 - 2yrs and 5months ago
R2 - Nov. 2008 - 5months ago
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barom  +   2352d ago
It's actually quite surprising how well some of the multiplat games have done on the PS3. Considering the US has twice as many 360s out there, PS3 versions are not doing bad at all. Actually having quite a few that almost matches that of the 360, namely MK vs DC, Burnout Paradise, Dynasty Warriors, Prince of Persia and Silent Hill 5. All (well at least most) of the following games listed below having a significant better ratio of the expected 2:1 in the US.

It seems the PS3 userbase and the X360 userbase might not have the same taste after all. The ones selling better (for the 360) than the expected 2:1 ratio seems to be BioShock and Eternal Sonata which were both timed exclusives. There's also Saints Row 2, Guitar Heros and the Rock Bands. And I can't find more (merely just scanned through). But yeah PS3 is not doing so bad after all, in it's weakest region.

The Bourne Conspiracy - 103k (360), 83k (PS3)
Burnout Paradise - 371k (360) 306k (PS3)
Civilization Revolution - 96k (DS), 254k (360), 149k (PS3)
Dark Sector - 139k (360), 97k (PS3)
Dead Space - 337k (360), 212k (PS3)
Dynasty Warriors 6 - 113k (360), 103k (PS3), 26k (PS2)
Kane & Lynch - 300k (360), 197k (PS3)
Lego Indiana Jones - 241k (360), 142k (PS3), 456k (PS2), 563k (Wii)
Mortal Kombat vs DC - 592k (360), 512k (PS3)
Prince of Persia - 282k (360), 248k (PS3)
Pure - 158k (360) 92k (PS3)
Silent Hill 5 - 73k (360), 84k (PS3)
Soul Calibur 4 - 500k (360), 353k (PS3)
Tiger Woods 09 - 216k (360), 174k (PS3), 565k (Wii)
Unreal Tournament III - 164k (360) 219k (PS3)
BattleAxe  +   2352d ago
These are only American charts.
SL1M DADDY  +   2352d ago
@ BattleAxe
Yes, and only those of us with more than two brain cells to rub together understand that since these are North American numbers only they actually don't mean a whole lot. Until we have world wide numbers, these numbers simply get used by the Xbox fanboys to bolster their silly attitude and misguided thoughts that Sony is not doing well. Those of us, you included, know that Sony is doing great and keeping with their plan for steady growth and for them to sell 10 million consoles per year at the highest price point on the market is pretty good if you ask me. I would rather see a company sell their product at a steady pace than one that sells hot out of the gate then slows down each year.
HDDVD_for_the_win  +   2352d ago
Yes, in worldwide sales PS3 wins. Make the same list with Europa sales and you've got the opposite.

One day American will understand the US and the world are 2 different things and NOBODY CARES ABOUT US-ONLY SALES, but hey, that's not for today.
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pansenbaer  +   2352d ago
Wow Aquanox, ever think about this?

Resistance 1: Released November 14, 2006
Resistance 2: Released November 4, 2008

Motorstorm 1: Released March 6, 2007
Motorstorm 2: Released October 28, 2008

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Sony has nothing to be worried about. Resistance 1 has 2 years to sell a little over 1 million in America and Resistance 2 sells more than half that in 4 months? Nice try...
FlameBaitGod  +   2351d ago
Wow Aqua your really smart, just shows how big of a blinded 360 fan boy you are. But then again, u have bill with the 360 as your avatar, if you have the nerve to support a company that charges 4 everything & sent out a console with a 36% failure rate with 3 good games, i cant expect smart comments by you.
VGChartz  +   2352d ago
These numbers are fake.
Johnny Rotten  +   2352d ago
Am I the only one who sees the irony in this comment? lol
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n4grrod360   2352d ago | Spam
brycespitler  +   2352d ago
this is the funniest comment ive seen all day

did you seriously make that account up just to say this on real sales numbers?

spot on
badz149  +   2352d ago
funny stuff! that tickles a bit at this time very early in the office! VGChartz...LOL!
creeping judas  +   2352d ago
@ N4Grrod
1 day on N4G and you have 7 bubbles?? This would be your, what 10th multi account???
Keep bubbling yourself up???
Sad really.
swiftshot93  +   2352d ago
funniest comment of the day! LOL and he actually got disagrees? I love this site lol
Captain Tuttle  +   2352d ago
The fact that you are actually gaining bubbles shows how far N4G has fallen as a quality site.
Anon1974  +   2352d ago
How is VGchartz fake and NPD is considered real?
They both do the exact same thing, report their samples and use statistical formula to extrapolate the rest of the data. VGchartz has been quoted in The New York Times, New York Post, Fortune, BBC, etc. Do you think that these publications just don't bother to do research on their sources?
And we know that VGChartz adjusts their numbers when the real official numbers come out - from the companies themselves. Does the NPD group make adjustments when official data is available?
panasonic23  +   2352d ago
o no the 360 is doomed say sonysackboys
n4grrod360   2352d ago | Spam
XLiveGamer  +   2352d ago
@ n4grrod360 & eagle21
Are you both blind?

Hey seriously STFU and stop living in denial. Multiplatform games sell better on Xbox 360 World Wide.

My god no doubt there is a few Xbox fanatics here that are really fncking ignorants with their moronic comments but you PS3 fanatics are the worse.

You all like to talk sh!t about each console but i bet you all are posers owning just a few games. Always talking sh!t about games that have no idea about them and always commenting on games that have been rated on metacritic but when you pick the game and try it on PS3 you find out its not that good.

12 PS3 games with 90+ rated games vs 21 Xbox360 games with 90+ rated games. Come on cut the B.S. already.

Cut the B.S. play the games & enjoy them

@ ThatCanadianguy420 down there

I know what he meant but the reality is that in US and Europe people spend more money in video games than japan right now.
#3.2 (Edited 2352d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2352d ago
He's talking about World Wide sales.

This list just covers North America.

PS3,PS2,PSP sell great in Japan And Even better in Europe.That's the point he's trying to make.
borgome  +   2352d ago
ahhhh, ha , ha, har goar ahahlrh
Just more indisputable proof that xbox owners play games and playstation owners watch blu-ray movies.
Gamer6056  +   2352d ago
Wow Crisis Core and God of War for psp over 500,000 thats amazing now just imagine how much more it could have sold if it weren't for piracy.
OmarJA  +   2352d ago
Although multi games are selling better on the 360 due to bigger install base & in the U.S. they still sell great on the PS3...

I guess PS3 owners after all do buy games even in the U.S.
n4grrod360   2352d ago | Spam
OmarJA  +   2352d ago
I know but the X-Fans only care about the U.S., i wonder why ?
kws1065  +   2352d ago
Maybe X-fans are little
Death  +   2352d ago
Can you back that statement up?
Which games sell better worldwide on the PS3? I only ask because common sense would indicate the system with the larger install base should sell more. Japanese and American tastes vary considerably. European tastes can also be very unique. The best worldwide multiplatform game I have sen is GTA with it's "50/50" ratio giving the Xbox 360 a "slight" lead according to the publisher. I'm just curious what has sold better on the PS3.

mephman  +   2352d ago
@ Death
FIFA 09 and Pro Evolution Soccer 09 would be two good examples.
cmrbe  +   2352d ago
you can add DMC4 and SF4.I am pretty sure RE5 as well because of Japan.

Previous charts for most big countries in Europe have showed the PS3 version of both SF4 and RE5 track higher than thier x360 counterparts.

Considering that SF4 x360 only managed to outsell the PS3 version by about 30k in the latest NDP. I am pretty sure that SF4 at least sold more on the PS3.

Yes, i agree that logic suggest that the x360 with a higher install base should be leading in every multi-plats but that hasen't been thee case lately. In fact it has been very close between the PS3 and x360 version for quite a long time now.

Burnout for example sold better for the PS3 in Europe which basically even things out.

This again is what i have been saying for a long time. All the 3 main regions are all important. Japan for Sony have given them a crucial edge especailly for Japanese devlope games.

I think EA and Activision and UBi lately did state that they are getting just as much money on the PS3. I am not sure but i think this was reported earlier.
commodore64  +   2352d ago
@ cmrbe


In the last quarter, the 360 made more money for EA than the ps3. In the preceding quarter, the 360 made more than the ps3 and ps2 *combined* for EA.

As far as Activision goes, the latest quarter once again show that the ps3 is trailing the 360 in revenue.

And lastly, Ubisoft reports in its last two quarters that the 360 revenue has been exceeding ps3 revenue by very significant margins.
In fact, for Ubisoft, the 360 is once again making more money than the ps3 and the ps2 *combined*. (in both the latest quarters)

Do you want me to show you the links, or will you save me some time and look them up yourself?
Perhaps i need to show you how to do it?

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Mr Approval  +   2352d ago
Who approves this sh*t?
n4grrod360   2352d ago | Spam
Anon1974  +   2352d ago
How are NPD numbers real?
They do the exact same thing as VGChartz. Report their samples, estimate the difference. The main difference I know is VGchartz adjusts their numbers when official data is available, official data being data from the companies themselves.
Does NPD adjust their numbers when Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo reveal official numbers?
Unicron  +   2352d ago
Aren't all of these titles flops according to fanboys? I mean, they haven't sold 5 million copies in the US alone!

In all seriousness, it's interesting to see (if these numbers are accurate) how few titles actually do hit 1 million copies sold, and why even in this day and age, hitting 1 - 2 million copies should be considered a success. You can see why more devs are trying to go more casual/mainstream. I really think titles like Dark Sector, Dead Space and Burnout Paradise deserve to do better.
badkolo  +   2352d ago
back and fourth arguing about which system sells more multi games yet no one wants to mention the wii sales, look at the numbers of those games that are also on the wii and the will kills them all in sales.
solidjun5  +   2352d ago
The difference between the 2 systems doesn't isn't so great.
Considering the 360 has a larger install base, the fact the PS3 is close (except for a few, like Bioshock, but that's obvious it's huge) shows that it has a pretty good attach rate. So whoever keeps saying "PS3 owners do not buy games" really need to shut up. It's obviously not true.
heyheyhey  +   2352d ago
some excellent attach ratios for the PS3.. titles like Burnout Paradise and Street Fighter 4 have almost identical results on PS3 as on 360 (despite the huge HW difference) while games like Silent Hill and UT3 even sell better on PS3

PS3 gamers don't buy games what now?

now do the same thing for Europe and i think you'd see some very interesting results
ironmonkey  +   2352d ago
still good numbers for sony in the u.s
testerg35  +   2352d ago
nasim, you always state the PS3 copies sell a lot more WW, but yet never have any actual numbers. All I've seen from you are rankings which doesn't show that number sold.
n4grrod360   2352d ago | Spam
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2352d ago
Cheat & Liar
"excepting UK and perhaps AU no x360 game can be seen on the top charts of many european regions"

Dude, you just posted sales info for a bunch of EU regions and I see 360.


Here is the Finnish charts:




and the final blow here is the World Wide charts.


(yes, it's VGChartz but it's one of the only sources to attempt to track these numbers)

And looking at this chart you can see the Wii and 360 dominate NA.

Anyone else find it odd that you created your account yesterday yet you are at 7 bubbles. Does this not stand out to the mods/admins here as odd?
#12.2 (Edited 2352d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
badz149  +   2352d ago
neither do I want to burst your bubble nor I want to agree with this 'nasim' you people are talking about but the certain thing is, VGChartz is not about "tracking" numbers....they "estimate" them!
soxfan2005  +   2352d ago
Notice how none of those European charts have numbers on them? I wonder why. For all we know, the #1 game could have sold 100 copies in some of those countries. Yet, certain people try to claim PS3 superiority based on number-less charts.
eagle21  +   2352d ago
wad up xbox? lol
seriously, 360 is NOT IMPRESSIVE compared to PS3. WW sales either favor PS3 or even most of this out.

The decline of 360 is the TRUTH.
badkolo  +   2352d ago
well it actually is impressive. The 360 was the underdog, it is fighting a battle against the playstation brand which is very powerful, so for the numbers that the 360 has done its impressive and has made sure the xbox brand is here to stay.

If the playstation brand wasnt so strong then i would agree.
Kushan  +   2352d ago
I suppose that's why the 360's sales rose by a good 30% last month?
How much did the PS3's rise?

I'm not picking a fight, just fanboys like you irritate me. Compared to the Wii, neither the 360 nor the PS3 is impressive. Is it so hard to take that both consoles are incredibly evenly matched? Will it really get your back up knowing that you'd be in the same position right now if you'd bought the other one?

Why must you hose the walls with testosterone? Why can't everyone be a winner?
eagle21  +   2352d ago
The US is where "the lead" is by 5m. So did all those 360's RROD?
kws1065  +   2352d ago
Maybe around 3M 360 users bought one more for a spare in case of...you know...

And around 2M of those 3M bought one more extra to trash one RROD.

Ah! That's it! That's why there is Arcade version at 199!
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2352d ago
"The US is where "the lead" is by 5m. So did all those 360's RROD?"

With responses like this are you sure you want to waste your time trying to convince this hater?

eagle21  +   2352d ago
giant enemy crab...
LTD Npd hardware should pop up here soon, just call me out if its any more than 5-6m. I saw january numbers.

And even if you believe it's more than that and just want to bug me, what's the excuse for these 360 sales?
#13.6 (Edited 2352d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
jmare  +   2352d ago
I call bullshit. Burnout only sold 677K in US? That seems really low. Especially considering that Isn't it a greatest hits title for both the 360 and the PS3?

EDIT: But if the numbers are true it just shows how bad jrpgs sell on the 360.
#14 (Edited 2352d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
badkolo  +   2352d ago
For a while it was fun bickering back and fourth about the ps3 and 360 but now its getting stale, seriously, for how long does this need to go on, are you guys going to worry about which system is better, which sells more games, which has better gfx or features until the very end of this gen?.

Im pretty sure both the ps3 and 360 have done well enough for this to stop, the ps3 isnt going any where, its getting into the swing of things and the pricecut will boost sales beyond beleaf. PSN will improve, HOME will improve and thats that.

The 360 has proven itself and is doing well, games sell well and its providing great competition this gen. No matter how hard you wish the 360 isnt going anywhere and will also have great games and also will improve. My point is we are years deep into this gen and both systems are great and while its fun to support each system the hate thats going on is really pointless.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2352d ago
Yup, looking at these charts one thing is clear. All platforms are healthy and moving software. Great post!
eagle21  +   2352d ago
I hope you know I meant that multiplatform on 360 and PS3 are getting more competitive in the US, the article used the word DECLINE.
Zeus Lee  +   2352d ago
" Lair - 185k"
"Banjo: Nuts & Bolts - 154k"

Lair did better than Banjo,damn.
Snoogins  +   2352d ago
Let's not forget BK:N&B, an established franchise, also released for $39.99 and preorders came with a voucher for a free download of the original N64 classic, while Lair was brutally received by critics and has remained at full price.

I went against reviews and picked up Lair, finding it greatly underrated, even with its issues. The control scheme was new and refreshing (Flower is actually quite similar). Free DLC was released adding analog control option, new dragon mounts and rumble support.

Though I do not like Gamestop, I just want to let everyone know they currently dropped Lair's price to $19.99 ($40 off) and I recommend picking it up if you think you'd enjoy a mix of medievil fantasy and Rogue Squadron with a decent story, great music and production values.
Firstkn1ghT  +   2352d ago
And Halo 3 did better than MGS4, LBP, Resistance 2, Killzone 2, and Motorstorm 2 COMBINED. So what's your point?
#16.2 (Edited 2352d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
JokesOnYou  +   2352d ago
lmfao, at your reply to Zeus....aahh well 360 its crazy how well 360 is doing considering how sony was so dominate last gen, either way the heated competition is good for gamers.

Chubear  +   2352d ago
Well remember
Nuts n' bolts came out last year Nov while Lair came out in Nov 2007... but 4.2 is also valid in this point too I guess.

@3.2 Halo1&2 sold over 15million units last gen and out sold a number of PS2 exclusives combined... the Xbox still lost horribly and only sold less than 25mill.

.. so what's your point? Halo can sell 1 billion all it wants but if your software can't push your hardware for sales then it's kinda a mute point don't you think?

Last gen Xbox had primarily halo @ 15 mill while the PS2 had over 10 hot exclusives that tallied well over 15 mill. So lesson is, I'd rather have 7 hot exclusives combine to sell over 35 mill than 2 hot ones that moves 15mill. :/
kewlkat007  +   2352d ago
"And Halo 3 did better than MGS4, LBP, Resistance 2, Killzone 2, and Motorstorm 2 COMBINED. So what's your point?
frayer  +   2352d ago
These NPD numbers just prove how small NA is in the bigger picture. NA only counts for about 40-60% of all revenue.
Kushan  +   2352d ago
"only"? Considering that's just one market out of at least 20 or 30 (if not more, depending on how publishers like to split the world up), I'd say it plays a considerable role in the grand scheme of things.
jmare  +   2352d ago
@ Kushan
There are only 3-5 markets for the world. NTSC, PAL, and Asia. There might be another division for Central and South America and one for West Asia. Also, NA is only about 30-35% of world wide sales.

EDIT: While there are "lesser" markets, They are all part of the same three major regions and their respective formats. It's like saying that Canada is completely different from the US; the point is it doesn't matter, the sales are compiled by region. While various sites might break it down even further to individual countries, those countries are still part of the same region.
#17.2 (Edited 2352d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Strikepackage Bravo  +   2352d ago
Are you dense?
ONLY 40 to 60%? So what country accounts for a bigger percentage since 40 to 60% is so insignificant? Good lord you PS3 fanboys are delusional. Really makes us PS3 fans look bad.
Kushan  +   2352d ago
@jmare - it's not really as simple as that. In the EU, there's often different versions of games released for the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. Australia is often seen as a different market as well (it usually gets things later than anyone), Korea/China is separate from Japan and then you've got a lot of "lesser" markets - South Africa, India, Russia, etc.
frayer  +   2352d ago
40-60% of TOTAL revenue. EU and JPN make up a good portion of TOTAL revenues. Install base = revenue

Games like Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid, Gran Turismo, and Resident Evil will generally sell a fourth of total sales in JPN alone.

@Kushan: The diffrent regions are broken up into NA, EU, and JPN
#17.5 (Edited 2352d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Zeus Lee  +   2352d ago
"I call bullshit. Burnout only sold 677K in US? That seems really low."
Those Burnout numbers do look suspect,the PSN download of the game has racked up more than 25,000 downloads to date,but these numbers are still too low.

Although we shouldn't forget that Burnout performs well in EU.
OOG  +   2352d ago
actually yeah dude.... burnout did really bad with paradise... not many like it as much as the others... and the game was like 30 bucks like 1 1/2 months after release....
eagle21  +   2352d ago
so the RROD is real.
You xbots better apologise. PS3 > 360 or equal in WW multiplatform with only a few exceptions. Where is 360's lead in consoles? The US, and it hardly matters here.

this is too good, top article ever on N4G. :)
#19 (Edited 2352d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
borgome  +   2352d ago
Your avatar is more proof, hahha
See comment 1.4
eagle21  +   2351d ago
my AVATAR is the reason PS3 games win GOTY a$$hole...

360 sucks more each passing day.
HDgamer  +   2352d ago
WHEEEE! I can play these sale numbers on my NPD Console.
chanto23  +   2352d ago
Whats the install base of the PS3 vs 360 on the US??
i don't know this ratio can somebody let me know?
Strikepackage Bravo  +   2352d ago
The most shocking
part of all this is the Wii numbers, they suck, for such a large install base they sure are getting beat up by 360.

So has anyone compared this to what VGchartz has posted? how inaccurate is VGC?
#22 (Edited 2352d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
jmare  +   2352d ago
Not really. Most people get the Wii so it can be a WiiSports, WiiPlay, WiiFit player.
Spike47  +   2352d ago
Anybody that thinks that Multiplatform games doing slightly better on the xbox360 is impressive needs to stop living in denial.
1) These are NA sales.
2) Sales for multiplatform games are mostly better on the PS3 worldwide. (ex, RE5)
3.) GTA4 sold about as much on both PS3 and Xbox360.
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2352d ago
I prefer the...
...NYPD Numbers!!! ;-D
I only got 3 games on that List,
the rest of the Games i got are the BEST 'AAA' Games this Gen...
i.e ONLY ON PS3 games!!! ;-P
#24 (Edited 2352d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
ultimolu  +   2352d ago
...This doesn't surprise me.
anubis12  +   2352d ago
no wonder devs don't give a sh!t about the ps3..good thing i have a 360 to
NateDPG  +   2352d ago
This puts KZ2's numbers in a whole different light
cmrbe  +   2352d ago
This is for NA only
and most games sell marginally better on the x360 despite the fact that there are at least 2:1 x360 to PS3 in NA.

Overall. A fair chunk of these games sell more on the PS3 worldwide. As reported. Lately PS3 versions have sold just as well or even more on the PS3. RE5 ad SF4 as examples.
TheBand1t  +   2352d ago
This article has no where to go but UP!

Expect 1000 degrees and 200 comments.
Socomer 1979  +   2352d ago
ps3 eating at 360 sales.
it was all good for 360 before ps3 came into the picture.
if I was m$, I would be mad too, LOL!
XLiveGamer  +   2352d ago
Hey moron !
Do you know how to count?
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2352d ago
Before you go calling people a Moron maybe you should brush up on your reading comprehension.

As he said.."Eating away at 360's sales".That's exactly what this list shows no? All those PS3 sales would of been on 360 no?

Hence the meaning of "Eating away at 360's sales".Moron.
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