Poll: how much do you spend on MS Points?

X3F wants to know how much you've spent on MS Points in the last 12 months.

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gogators4231d ago

I'll probably buy around 20,000 MS points. Though of late I have been holding off on more XBLA games. I do see some interesting titles coming soon, but most of my point have been spent on Comedy Central shows of late. Loved the HD version of South Park that was free.

FordGTGuy4231d ago

is that a good enough answer lol?

PS3Wii4231d ago

you MS fans spend $300+ every year on MS points yet claim the PS3 is too expensive for you?

LOL, that there is the definition of fanboyism.

Marriot VP4231d ago

listen bub, one or two examples out of 10 million is a bit steep for a sane person to consider.

And by the way, I've spent about 10 bucks so far for more than a year.

BIadestarX4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

People spend it on game/movie content. It's different. Also, you should take this as a sign that people like what the marketplace is offering.

nicodemus4230d ago

1 -- Don't come to an Xbox 360 article and call everybody "fanboys" for purching content off of Xbox Live... That is fanboy behavior.

2 -- By your own logic, if you were to buy anything off of the Playstation Store, then you would also be a fanboy (which everyone here knows you are anyway)

Get a life my friend. Download a movie or something off of the Playstation Store.... or do they even offer that type of content?

Drew4231d ago

Oh, the irony. According to, I've spent exactly $599.76 USD on MS Points. Wow.

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The story is too old to be commented.