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Price cuts, 2 new games from Ico Developers, and much more...

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Kain813190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

I hope one of them is Shadow of the Collossus 2.

I want play a Tale like i dit with ICO/SotC

WOW if all what they listed are true than i will be broke fore the next two years. Jak4, SotC2/Online, Syphon Filter and a Insomniac game beside of Ratched and Clank:ToD 2 wow what an amazing year

3190d ago
Leio3190d ago

I can smell an epic price drop from both side xD

Why dis3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

Datafly don't care what console still getting it. The other rumors are rubbish nervous reactions

jwatt3190d ago

Honestly, this sounds like rumors somebody wished was true.

OgTheClever3190d ago

But god I hope it's true.

solideagle13190d ago

after reading it my heart beat got fast and man if this turns out to be true especially...
Fumito Ueda will be there at GDC '09. He will announce 2 projects. One of them is Shadow of the Colossus Online.

- Syphon Filter is underway to PS3. Apparently the developers are using the same engine behind Killzone2.

- Insomniac is developing a new action platformer RPG. It looks like a Zelda clone.

then we are brink of a new war of games....:P

but man i dont think price cut it going to be happen any time soon if they would have done it with the release of killzone 2 that would have been helped alot but still if they do say its


3190d ago
heyheyhey3190d ago

ahh the troll with baseless claims returns.. have you seen the recent Invisible Walls? even MS admit their GDC will suck

Lucreto3190d ago

The new Team ico game will not be SOTC 2. It will be a different game altogether. Just like how Ico was different to SOTC.

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Jamegohanssj53190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

This is too good to be true, so I won't believe it until I see it. The insomniac and Filter I can believe because I predicted a new IP from Insomniac and more DLC for Ratchet. I can't believe Team ICO because SOTC online? That's just not right. Isn't Dark Cloud 3 due out this year?


Freak of Nature3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

My heart skipped a few beats when I hear "Team ICO.....Jak 4....and a new Insomniac "action platformer" RPG that looks like a Zelda clone.

I could not ask for more than a new IP from Insomniac and it being a platformer.

And I have waited way too long for anything on Jak and Team ICO...

I'll take it all with a grain of salt,and cross my fingers that any of this will come true at GDC...Heres to hoping...

Speaking of hoping....Throw in some Dark Cloud,Beyond good and evil 2 news in too....

arika3190d ago

awesome! legend of the dragoon ftw! this was one of my favorite rpg's of all time. i also cant wait for that psp slide. i hope all of this rumor is true.

sinncross3190d ago

Team Ico are working on a normal title and a PSN title... this rumour has been circulating for a good few months.

syanara3189d ago

I can tell you right now that there is gonna be a jak 4 probably alled jak and daxter:The lost frontier but who knows , I do know they wouldnt announce it till uncharted 2 is OUT lol.

a new ip from insomniac would be good, I would like to see a resistance 3 so i can know WTF the ending to R2 was about. but other than that a SOTC is likely (probably not online) what about those weird pictrues from team ICO with the huge chain going onto a pit?

anyways thats my take on it all.

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ape0073190d ago

this gdc looks explosive for sony

hope for alan wake gameplay also

Kain813190d ago

or simple it begins tomorrow

Dark_Vendetta3190d ago

are there MS/SONY/NINTENDO keynotes? If so, which day are they? I don't think Sony or MS will announce that many things at a developers conference. The E3 would be a far better place to do so.

Highatus3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

So far only 2 keynotes announced.

1 by Hideo Kojima Thursday, March 26, 10:30am-12pm

And 1 from the President of Nintendo Satoru Iwato Wednesday, March 25th, 9-10am

of course there will be more those are the only confirmed ones at the moment.

Also Live coverage available a

All info @

No FanS Land3190d ago

thanks for the info !

back to topic: I think these rumors are too much based on wishful thinking.

Blaze9293190d ago

hell yeah, i hope they show something on it

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pwnsause3190d ago

"New 40gb ps3 sku will be launched this May. The cost will be 299$."

already I detect fake.

TruthBTold3190d ago

If Sony makes a price cut announcement then it will be an immediate price cut. It would make no sense for people to know a price cut is coming a month from now so Sony's sales would drop. But I do think a price cut will be announced and it will be immediately available.

I also cant wait for the new game from Ico.

brycespitler3190d ago

but it could be possible

the only reason why is because the one for $400 has 2 games bundled and they probably are going to be popular 1st party ones

which means customers will get 2 games cheaper than buying a console without a bundled game for 300

it wont happen but thats why it could b a possibility

locos853190d ago

They are bundling the 399 PS3 with 2 greatest hits games. Motorstorm 1 and Resistance: Fall of Man.

The Lazy One3190d ago

I don't know why anyone would get the $399 version if that's true.

for the $120 you can upgrade the 40 to a 320gb hd ($60 or so from some story here in the past 3 days) and get both the games in the other version. Essentially you end up paying $20 for an extra 240gb of space in your PS3 and get all the games in the 80gb version.

Seems like a slightly odd pricing strategy.

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fr0sty3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )


how so? care to actually back that claim with reason? it wouldn't be the first time a 40GB SKU was introduced as part of a price cut, and it fits in line with the reports of certain retailers getting 80GB bundles with 2 games for $399.


i can agree it does sound too soon to announce, but look at the last time they announced a price cut...

a month ahead of the release.

pwnsause3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

they are not going to backtrack to a smaller hardrive. or in other words bring back the 40gb, which is the same as the 80gb. if you remembered the 40gb SKU, you would realize that its the same as a 80gb sku. BTW 40gb isnt the standard anymore when it comes to HDDs. plus as the library of PSN games get bigger and bigger, the HDD must increase as well.

they are sticking with the 80gb while cutting the price for it soon.

Everything else on that list I can bleieve especially the LoD2 rumor.

Ju3190d ago

The new SKU will most likely also have a new 45nm cpu and some cost reductions. Same when they introduced the last 40/80GB model. The 80GB might be the current SKU (which most likely has already been build month ahead) and will get an value increase to sell of stocks. It makes perfectly sense.

silverchode3190d ago

i predict sony will dissapoint, microsoft take another game from the ps3 and the wii will present a new wii fit.

Ju3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

MS can take whatever they want. That strategy didn't work in the past and it won't work today (or in the future). Also, nothing they "took away" went 360 exclusive (at least nothing which mattered). BTW: With the speed Sony (studios) produces exclusives, MS will be busy coming up to yet take away all those games.

Cajun Chicken3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

It doesn't matter, PS3'll just get the rest of an previously originally critically acclaimed 360 exclusive third party franchise such as;

Saints Row
Dead Rising

...and counting.