Ten Questions For Bungie: The Halo 3 Beta

Trying to squeeze out any Halo 3 information out of Bungie is not the easiest thing, however, we got a little lucky. GameInformer recently spoke with Bungie Community Lead Brian Jarrard about the upcoming Halo 3 beta and got a few nuggets about the whole beta process, what will be in it, and how many people will begin to finish the fight this Spring.

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PS360PCROCKS4293d ago

Can't wait for this...ahh

GaMr-4293d ago

If it looks like that.... I cant wait either !

Covenant4293d ago


Also: New maps for H2: When?

The suspense is killing me!

OldSchoolGamer4293d ago

I guess for Halo 3 a time on when that beta is going live would be nice to know. I guess all we know is Spring, lol which could be next week but if they are going to a delta then a live beta, my money is on a May-June release probably after the release of Forza 2, so sales aren't hurt.

As for the Halo 2 360 exclusive maps, as it has been annouced that they would be available post beta, would imagine july-august at the absolute earliest, with the Actual Game releasing most likely on the anniversary of the first game and the first xbox the 15th November.

zonetrooper54293d ago

I reckon the Halo 3 Beta and Halo 2 maps will come out in April or maybe late March.

shotty4293d ago

I'm guessing another 2 months, they are just putting together the interal beta, so delta being finished, polished and then certified is going to be awhile.

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The story is too old to be commented.