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Japanese Gamers' Satisfaction Levels of Recent Releases and Consoles Reported by Famitsu

In the latest issues of Famitsu, they reported survey results of gamers' satisfaction levels on recent releases and consoles. There were five possible responses to each game/console: very satisfied, satisfied, indifferent, unsatisfied and very unsatisfied. Each game and console is then assigned a satisfaction score out of 5 accordingly.

Here are the results (arranged in descending order in terms of satisfaction score):


Demon's Souls (PS3): 4.7/5, Very Satisfied: 82.4%
Yakuza 3 (PS3): 4.6/5, Very Satisfied: 66.6%
Street Fighter IV (PS3,360): 4.2/5, Very Satisfied: 41.4%
Star Ocean IV (360): 4.0/5, Very Satisfied: 37.6%

360: 4.2/5, Very Satisfied: 23.8%
PSP: 3.8/5, Very Satisfied: 17.1%
PS3: 3.6/5, Very Satisfied: 16.6%
NDS: 3.4/5, Very Satisfied: 19.1%
Wii: 3.2/5, Very Satisfied: 8.2% (Culture, Demon's Souls, Industry, PS3, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Street Fighter IV, Wii, Xbox 360, Yakuza 3)

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jkhan  +   1980d ago
Demon's Souls is I guess one of the surprises of 2009. It sold really well considering it was released with little or no hype and if anyone has read players views on Gaf, they will know it's a pretty awesome game.
thereapersson  +   1980d ago
I agree!
I didn't expect good things out of that game at all, considering FROM SOFTWARE's track record lately. Here's hoping the game comes to the US at some point, or at the very least that the Japanese version has English subs. I'm rather curious to play it, to see what it's like.
MrWonderful  +   1980d ago
Demon's Souls is an amazing game. i have been playing it for awhile now , but had to break for RE5
dalibor  +   1980d ago
Any ideas what Demon's Souls story is or what type of game is it? I have no idea that's why I pooped out this question lol.
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IdleLeeSiuLung  +   1980d ago
I'm suprised Xbox 360 is on top of the satisfaction curve, but sell the poorest. In fact, satisfaction seems inverse proportional to the sales chart in Japan.

I can't say for the other games, but SF IV was damn good!!!
SaiyanFury  +   1980d ago
Frankly the results on the game side of things doesn't really surprise me. I imported Demon's Souls from Hong Kong, and it's fantastic. It's so hard, it'll make you go bald by the time you're 31, but it's great. It's extremely satisfying to get passed a really tough obstacle, and there are a great many of them in the game.

As for Yakuza 3, I knew it would be grand and I can't wait for the North American release hopefully in the not-to-distant future.
97gsx  +   1980d ago
Not surprised the ps3 isnt scoring too good. All the japanese rpgs and namco games are 360 exclusives. Sony needs to wake up in japan and start funding exclusives like idolmaster and at least 1 square-enix rpg.
thereapersson  +   1980d ago
What are you talking about?
The lowest scoring game on that top 5 list was a 360-exclusive RPG. Your comment makes no sense, especially considering the hottest selling console game in Japan right now is the PS3 exclusive title "Yakuza 3".
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Foxgod  +   1980d ago
Hes talking about the following:

360: 4.2/5, Very Satisfied: 23.8%
PSP: 3.8/5, Very Satisfied: 17.1%
PS3: 3.6/5, Very Satisfied: 16.6%
NDS: 3.4/5, Very Satisfied: 19.1%
Wii: 3.2/5, Very Satisfied: 8.2%
mastiffchild  +   1980d ago
I do think that a fair few Japanese PS3 owners will be put out that the likes of SO4 didn't arrive for them as many will have bought systems with jrpgs in mind and SE promised much and delivered zilch so far.
Also, remember, that the 360 owners are a minority over there and those willing to answer a survey are highly unlikely to say they made a poor purchase. Plus even though the TA and SE games on 360 have hardly set the world alight at least they've been getting their kind of games for 360.
I expect that more consumers will feel happy about their gaming when FF13 emerges or maybe KH3-PS3 owners have got miffed in the west over SE dragging their heels on PS3 while every single other platform gets games so you can imagine how those in the two companies homeland(SE and Sony)feel that imagined they'd be playing some of their fave franchises way before now.
Still, some great insights into how the Japanese audience view their gaming.
7thNightvolley  +   1980d ago
idolmaster is on the 360 ...weird.
kenjix  +   1980d ago
Missing the Survey Blunder
What's the install base of all these consoles in Japan? is the smallest install base showing to have the largest number of satisfied gamers?

REALgamer  +   1980d ago
Unusual results
While the 360 is by far the lowest selling of the 3 major consoles in Japan, it seems the people who actually do own one are more satisfied with their purchase than the other console owners.

This may be due to lower expectations since the 360 isn't seen in the same light as the PS3 or Wii so it's a pleasant surprise for the few people who take the plunge in a country that's largely ignored it.

I can the reasoning behind the Wii's low satisfaction rating however - the lack of substantial games is a big issue at the moment that hopefully games such as MadWorld will start to fix.
Darkfocus  +   1980d ago
while the 360 only cost 140$ Canadian in Japan but the wii and ps3 are more expensive than they are here.
SolidAhmed  +   1980d ago
Demon's Souls
I did not see that coming !
pippoppow  +   1980d ago
Good to see this game get some deserved attention. Bought the Asian version on Ebay and will start playing it as soon as I wrap up VC. It has such a good dark medieval atmosphere. Guess the Denki review was more accurate than the Famitsu one.
ifhd  +   1980d ago
Demon's Souls is amazing.
Demon's Souls is amazing.
SoapShoes  +   1980d ago
Square had better
Start working hard on getting SO4 on the PS3. It flopped in Japan, Europe, and America. Just put it on PS3 and it's guaranteed to at least do well in Japan!! It's sad to see that they make such poor business choices.
Da One  +   1980d ago
It's not even out in Europe yet
how could it flop there
Nikuma  +   1980d ago
Can't wait..
for my copy of Demon's souls to arrive. The game looks freaking awesome.

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