Another Strange PS3 Commercial Hits Japan

And here is the latest PS3 commercial to be airing in Japan.

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Chagy3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

thats 1 good commercial lol just playing

Premonition3807d ago

Not to be rude, but maybe this is another reason for the low sales over there, they need elite commercials not this stuff.

Tut3807d ago

I don't mean to be rude but when you say, "over there" that makes me come to the assumption that you are not from Japan. Since you aren't from Japan, and judging by your response you have probabaly never been, I would say that it is irresponsible to assume that what appeals to most people wherever you live (I am guessing the United States) will also appeal to everyone around the globe.

Different things appeal to different people. I wouldn't be too quick to judge anything, especially if it isn't directed at you. The majority of the time you won't enjoy it.

redmoon3807d ago

I am definitely buying me a ps3 now.

techie3807d ago

I find them amusing...I think they did some kind of study of subconcious advertising - link the quote "This is Living" to happy memories, or amusing things, or intriguing things - and then release ads to complement these that are actually about the console, thus linking your feelings for these ads with the console itself. Cunning - yet unproven (?)

r10003807d ago

Yea I agree with ya..

the other poster here don't realize it's a different culture, they may look at our commercials and not have a clue what they mean..

what does a caveman have to do selling Geico car insurance?

techie3807d ago

Yeah - I know this is a Japanese commercial - but for our launch ones I think they are pretty hot. They shout high-culture which paints the ps3 as a luxury item. They also have some bmx'ing and stuff, so they have to younger kids covered. Many of them show game footage.

But these are something else. It's creating a culture around them. Studying advertising, the ps3 ads are actually very clever. They could rub some people the wrong way, but only if you knew they were for the ps3, as we know they are. But when you see them for the first time you are like "wtf" and it stays in your mind.

StateofMind3807d ago

It's really not that weird to me at all. Just showing the multimedia capabilities of the PS3. The crying baby and dancing Bubba on the other hand...

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The story is too old to be commented.