PS3 costs £47.69 a year to run, compared to just £2.13 for the Wii

According to 'sust-it' the PS3 will cost gamers in the UK £47.96 should they use the system every day for at least two hours during the period of a year. The same usage rates with a Wii will cost just £2.13.

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TheMART4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )


Having a PS3 cost you about twice as much as the 360 a year.

Almost 24 pounds in UK money. Which means buying XBL Premium online makes the power bill for the PS3 to go on par with that.

If we're comparing costs Sony fanboys, and you take the subscription of XBL in account, it's also fair to put in the power bill. So there you are.

To the ones below, read the original link. It says, roughly the 360 uses half the power of the PS3. Which makes 48:2= 24 pounds.

weekapaugh4268d ago

But what is the cost to run the 360 2 hours a day for a year?

LegendaryMark4268d ago

"Which means buying XBL Premium online makes the power bill for the PS3 to go on par with that."

Not quite. An XBL gold account costs £39.99 here in the UK. Add £24 to that (though I don't know where you got that figure from, it certainly wasn't in the article) and you get £64, a third more than the £48 cost of running the PS3.

techie4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

The 360 power source is half the ps3 - but the 360 power consumption is Not half the where's that article when I need it...ah here it is

I believe the ps3 has a 350watt power source, am I right? COmpared to the 360's 165watt power source.

This contrasts to the ACTUAL power consumption. During gameplay the PS3 consumes 190watts, and the 360 170watts. So the difference although there is nothing to write home about. And the actual price would not be £47, but £26 for the ps3 and £24 for the 360 --ooooh £2 lol

Chagy4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

thats 7.6709365 U.S. dollars a month it aint that bad

i know theres extra digits there i just wanna be technical :-)

marshman4268d ago

Where does it say anything about the X360 power usage compared to the PS3. Typical mart just trying to Flame. YOU BIG FLAMER YOU

techie4268d ago

Didn't we see that in the actual comparison - the ps3 and 360 were very close in power consumption - with the ps3 leading - but that it's "heavy" power supply, that this article multiplies, does not relate to its actual power consumption.

Tis true that the Wii has a very low appetite.

Kyur4ThePain4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

Who the **** cares about crap like this?
THIS is news? This is what I came here for?

This is not aimed at DeepBrown, but the "article" in general.

Tut4268d ago

Kyur I am pretty sure power consumption is a very large issue in a lot of areas around the world, even in the United States. Most people are concerned about costs primarily but then there are others who are concerned about the environment.

Try not to add unecessary comments to posts just because you can't relate to the topic being discussed. It is much easier to just pass by and not say anything.

Thank you! ~

achira4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

lol, the ps3 takes 175 watt, like the xbox360. so themart i dont understand your comment. if you dont believe me, you can make some steps to follow:
1. buy a ps3 2. buy a xbox360 3. buy a watt measure tool 4. learn to use it 5. use it 6. you will see that i am right. the wii only uses 18 watt, so it is understandable why it costs not as much as the ps3, but the calculations they made are wrong. lets calculate for europe: i will take 20 cent for 1kWatt. lets take 200 watt for the ps3, i know it consumes not as much, but its not so important. 2 hours a day is 2*365 hours a year. a hour costs 4 cent for the ps3 (20/5). 4 cent * 2 * 365 = 2920 cents = 29,20 euro. the wii takes nearly 20 watts, so it will cost 2,92 euros. a ratio 10:1. not 20:1 like they calculated. if their calculation is right then the ps3 would use 400 watt, and that is impossibler, because it uses 175 watt like the xbox360. so for your xbox360 you will pay also 29,20 euro. did you know that a lcd tv uses around 200 watt ? if its a big tv it will use far more. did you know that if you nuke some food, it will take around 1500 watt ? i know you dont use it all day, but modern technichs is expensive, if you dont know that than you are a fool.

gta_cb4268d ago

hmmm well i'm just gonna say your right and agree with you because the PS3 isnt out here yet, and its also quite interesting to know this

Grown Folks Talk4268d ago

achira's probably never touched a 360 in his life. who really cares anyway? as long as playing the systems doesn't prevent you from using any other appliance or light source in the house, who cares?

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