SCEA responds to February NPD, heralds Killzone 2 sales

Sony sold 276K PS3 units, 199K PSP units and 131K PS2 units in February. Sales went up across the board since January 2009, but are still down from 2008 levels. Killzone 2 sold 323K copies, becoming the fifth best-selling game of the month. Depending on your fanboy bias, this is either a disaster considering the incredible hype surrounding the title, or this is a terrific accomplishment, considering the game's two-day availability in February.

SCEA's Peter Dille, Senior Vice President of Marketing and the PlayStation Network, responded to this month's NPD numbers. "In February, we had a tremendous kickstart to what promises to be another record year for the PlayStation brand with the launch of mega blockbuster hit Killzone 2, which ranked in the top 5 with only two days of sales in February and has been garnering extraordinary reviews, and a noteworthy 92 Metacritic score. We have no doubt this game will deliver a next gen experience and will be responsible for driving hardware sales throughout the year."

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crazy-eyez-killah3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

Great game and they deserve great sales but I wont lose sleep over the sales either way..

I'm a gamer not a Sony/Microsoft employee.

table3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

and as a gamer, i'm happy i chose the ps3 as it has the best exclusives so far and the best in the making. 360 fanboys can keep playing their sales all they like. hehe, i pitty them really.

Amazing that the ps2 is still selling well even with all the used consoles in circulation.

ultimolu3321d ago


This game kicks ass. I'm getting back to it tonight because whew...there are some really intense battles in it! :O

Aaron Greenterd3321d ago

Don't believe the numbers.

Believe ME....Killzone 2 flopped!

Sony is bleeding customers at retail!!

Even though ps3 sales + ps2 sales > Xbox 360 sales, they are losing customers to us!!!!! I promise!!!!

I am your master, you shall bow before ME!!!!

DixieNormS3321d ago

calls himself a gamer and only owns the PS3. I pitty this fool.

ultimolu3321d ago

Dixie, you can own one console and still be a gamer.

table3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

i dont need a 360 when i can get most 360 games on PC and the ones i cant get I play at my mates house. maybe when the price cheap enough i shall go for a 360 but there is just no need at the moment as the 360 doesnt have that many good exclusive games.

Edit @ below: I dont pity 360 owners i pitty the 360 fanboys for constantly playing their sales. must be a great laugh.

Silellak3321d ago

There is no reason to pity 360 owners. They own a great system. Same can be said for PS3 owners, really.

Plenty of gaming love to go around this generation, no matter how many people don't want to see it that way.

Pennywise3321d ago

Dixie, I own a PS3 and a PC.... Why would owning a 360 make me more of a gamer?

What it would make me is REDUNDANT. Look it up if you dont know what it means.

ChampIDC3321d ago

The only problem is that 360 fanboys aren't the only ones that play sales. All fanboys do it. Fanboys just need to try to pick out every little thing to argue about.

Anon19743321d ago

Greenberg should take notes.

Focus on what you've got, don't make up stuff about how your competitors are "hemorrhaging at retail."

Unless you really don't have anything positive to point out other than "Look at our increased sales that we bought and paid for with a 60% reduction in our own profits last quarter! Sure we're losing money on the hardware again and don't have an exlusive lineup to speak of..Netflix is only available in one region, we haven't fixed RROD yet and warranties are expiring en masse, the PS3 is catching on way faster than the 360 ever did, we lost the format war, Avatars are lame and just sit there looking like members of WHAM and all of last year before the price drop sales were below 2007 levels..but it'll pay off in the end! It has to!"

Montrealien3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

I guess the main idea is that a gamer does not care about sales, just that all consoles are doing great and driving eachother to make great games and stay competitive. Grats to Sony, playing the numbers like they should, grats to MS, who do the samething, grats to all of us, for having a console market that can support 3 thriving consoles, which was though to be impossible 10 years ago.

And I pitty fanboys on either side of the fence. They mean nothing in the real world, and just exist in this make believe world of comments sections and forums.

Mindboggle3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

Great game, deserves all the sales it gets....

N4PS3G3321d ago


I know its hard for you...but don't cry

Danja3321d ago

I dont see what the big fuss about KZ2 sales are , everyone is acting like this is a huge freakin Franchise , comparing it ot Halo or Gears , yeh there's alot of Hype surrounding it but that was mostly internet based , still sold good for 2 days , im enjoying the game so are many others..

That Aaron guy needs to take note before all there trash talking comes back to bite them in the rear.

Lifendz3321d ago

if you don't care then kudos to you. I like to see the numbers and compare/contrast what's going on in gaming sales. Gives me a good barometer of where the industry is and what the public wants.

I do the same thing for movies. I look at the box office numbers to see if a movie I enjoyed did well. If it does you're almost guaranteed a sequel.

And KZ2 had soooooo much hype around it that you almost had to look and see what it did at retail. Granted, the numbers only represent 2 days, but to sell that much in 2 days is pretty darn good. If you extrapolate those numbers to have the game out just as long as SF4, it looks like KZ2 would've been a monster.

Either way, I'm enjoying the hell outta the game. I just got my medic badge and I can't wait to get some other badges.

Jager3320d ago

"1.11 -
I guess the main idea is that a gamer does not care about sales, just that all consoles are doing great and driving eachother to make great games and stay competitive. Grats to Sony, playing the numbers like they should, grats to MS, who do the samething, grats to all of us, for having a console market that can support 3 thriving consoles, which was though to be impossible 10 years ago.

And I pitty fanboys on either side of the fence. They mean nothing in the real world, and just exist in this make believe world of comments sections and forums"

Too true, bubbles.

cayal3320d ago

for God's sake, it's PITY not PITTY.

Stop being so called "gamers" and start being friggin intelligent.

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ultimolu3321d ago

Lol, you know it'll happen.

Only on N4G. xD

eagle213321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

Sony's brand gets more gamers in the store every month of EVERY year in any region than microsoft.

Microsoft is wacky, and their fans are delusional.

militant073321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

do you remember "Killzone 2 going to sell better than MGS4" article !

do you remember "millions of preorder"

do you remember "its going to push hardware sales"

gdguide3321d ago

Do you remember 2 days of KZ sales? Do you remember the other 26 days of the month it didn't have a chance to sell? LOL

Pennywise3321d ago

millitant, I know it might be hard for someone like you to understand... but I will spell it out for you SLLLLOOOWLY.


R2D23321d ago Show
militant073321d ago

most of games sell best and most in first 3 days

mboojigga3321d ago

Do you remember that Sony made the stupid decision to release it on the 27th? But if excuses helps you get through the month of March then so be it.

Dacapn3321d ago

There's a lot of MS and Sony shareholders on this site.

...back to playing KZ2 XD

morganfell3321d ago

NPD's wiki page says they only tally 60-65% of retail sales. Places like Toys R Us are not even reported. Do the math and you will see that KZ2 likely pushed over 500K in two days in the US alone.

R2D23321d ago Show
N4PS3G3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

2 days at retail? SO WHAT????

Halo 3 Reports $170 Million in First 24 hours Revenue Sales and by 2007 360 console's install base was smaller than the ps3 install base right now

Gears of war 2 sold like 4-5 times more in 1 day

I'm not saying 300k for 2 days is bad... is actually pretty good...but this is KILLZONE 2 we are talking about!!

-Hyped to death!
-It was supposed to move consoles!!
-To make 360 owners try a ps3!
-It was going to break sales records!!
-it haves a 92 meta.
-it has a ridiculous 102000° on N4G!!
- It was the so called HALO KILLER!
-Best FPS EVER!!

and thats it? 300k for 2 days? and a YoY decline in ps3 sales? The first day is when the majority of the blockbuster titles get the most sales!

Its not bad...its good...but not for a killzone 2 type of game.

but since this site is flooded with playstation fans ..they will deny this to death!

Marceles3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

you DO know that had to do with Europe only right?

XxRoosterxX3321d ago

Thank you for putting it into perceptive for everyone else.

People tend to forget that NPD's are for North America only!!!

I live in America, but at least I realize that video games are sold elsewhere in the world.

North American (NPD) sale don't equal Worldwide Sales!1

3321d ago
Rainstorm813321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

-It was supposed to move consoles!!
-To make 360 owners try a ps3!
-It was going to break sales records!!
-It was the so called HALO KILLER!!!

It arguably met all of those expectations IMHO its better than Halo. Halo's gameplay wasnt groundbreaking but neither is KZ2 that dosent stop them from being good games.

The Difference is M$ bought public opinion with a 10 million dollar marketing campaign.(halo nascar,halo Mt. Dew, Halo on sale at 7-11, Paid actors to appear in halo commercials) Killzone is selling well and it wont ever have that type of exposure. Sony likes good games to speak for themselves even MGS4 didnt put up those numbers overnight. MGS has history on it side.

Edit: Depending on your definition of halo killer if its a FPS that sells more than halo tthen there will never be one. but gameplay then halo is dead

table3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

lol cause thats where killzone2 will get it sales from.

lol how can you disagree with me?

cmrbe3321d ago

KZ2 is not Sony's biggest exclsuive. That goes to GT which is Sony's halo in terms of big franchise.

As for Game selling the most on first few days. That is true for x360 games but not for PS games. Gears 2 sold about 60% of its total sales sofar on launchday. None of PS games are like that. Even MGS4. PS games sells consistently in their life time.

The reason for the difference is the marketing strategies between Sony and MS. MS goes all out before launch day which garuntees great first day sales but there are only x number of customers you can sell a game to. So after selling a x360 game to a huge chunk of x360 owners in the first week. It leaves much less people to sell the game to later on. Sony on the otherhand still market their games in small dosage through a longer period of time. This is why in the end most PS games sells at least a million copies.

First days sales and all the hoopla about it is a MS manufactured marketing tool. It has worked a charm on you folks. Never before have i seen gamers put so much emphisis on first day sales to gauge weather a game is a sales flop or not. I have been around since the Atari days and it was only when MS entered the market that i have seen this starting with Halo. LBP like most other PS games didn't sell a million on firstday but eventually sold a million like most other x360 games and yet you x360 fans deemed it to be a flop just from first day sales.

I guess. It really does show the difference between MS and Sony as well as their fans.

MS and their fans is all about the now but Sony and their fans is about long term.

nycredude3321d ago

There is no need to atack Morganfell. It only makes you look like a fanboy fool. Obviously you haven't been on N4g long enough if you think he is bad. He is only stating facts. In his defense I actually pity fools like you who think their shiat smells better than others when in fact it's all the same. I could easily name countless people on n4g that takes it way beyond Morganfell but what do I know.

Either way that is your opinion, as this is mine. Just remember that opinions are like asholes, everyone has one, and they all stink!

baodeus3320d ago

Both M$ and $ony fans are delusional. Fix

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N4PS3G3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

Their biggest exclusive blockbuster didn't move a single console in the whole month and most likely won't reach Metal Gear Solid 4 Numbers..spin it sony

At least the game is good..intense single payer..playing it right now

Gun_Senshi3321d ago

Are you a stock holder? If not why should you care.

N4PS3G3321d ago

are you one? Why should you care what i write :)

mboojigga3321d ago

Why do you even care if he cares?

creeture3321d ago

do you play sales or do you play games?

green3321d ago

Why can't you play both?

SoapShoes3321d ago

It didn't move consoles? February is higher than January. I just love it how people compare this to established franchises pointing out how they've done better in two days.

Everyone was calling LBP a failure and a flop because it didn't sell huge on the first week. Oh, but apparently the game has legs because it sits at over 600+k in the US and continues to sell.

Since when did first week sells determine the success of a game? It's like people don't have patience and everything has to be DAY 1 or it sucks. :|

Anon19743321d ago

Did you see the same NPD numbers as I did? Because it looked to me that in the US alone the PS3 moved almost 80,000 consoles more than the previous month. To put that into context, the month over month increase in 360 sales worldwide after the release of Halo 3 was just over 100,000. And we all know KZ2 came right at the end of the month.

And who on earth said that Killzone 2 would move more units than MGS4? It over one million in 3 weeks it's already cracked into the top 10% of all games. The vast majority of titles don't make 1 million in their entire run.

cmrbe3321d ago

bought a PS3 because of KZ2. Thats 1 sale because of KZ2.

nycredude3321d ago

Just the fact that you name Killzone 2 to be Ps3's biggest blockbuster shows how blind you are. Get the tissues ready because teh best is yet to come.

@cmrbe and it seems like Crab is alot less biased recently... Hmmm could it be that he is softening up and warming to the Ps3? Only time will tell.

cayal3320d ago

Moved more in less days.

360 fanboys are funny. They are also very stupid.

Once again all I am hearing is Halo, Halo, Halo. Thank Bungie for Halo, what else would you play?

Now little boys go play Halo before mummy puts you to bed.

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floppyfeet3321d ago


60 million dollars down the drain sony

KionicWarlord2223321d ago

come on man. atleast they pleased there fanbase. killzone will sell 2.3 end of year or more.

mboojigga3321d ago

You do know that sales predictions for haven't panned out for any of the exclusives in the last 6 months right. So please don't predict 2-3 by the end of the year.

solidjun53321d ago

You're cool in my book.

As for the other two pieces of breads you're sandwhich between, they are market analysts working on Wallstreet and here on N4G perfecting their fanboyism. :)