Playing Wii on the PSP

Playing Wii on the PSP

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Chagy3967d ago

dam i never thought that was possible but 1 thing he dint mentin was that you cant just play anywhere you got to be in the right controller range

gta_cb3967d ago

that is pretty cool! if only i owned a Nintendo Wii lol

r10003967d ago

HUH... how is that possible....

MySwordIsHeavenly3967d ago

You can hook up any system to use the PSP's screen. You just have to use what he just said to use. I suggest checking psp-hacks or I still don't know why you'd want to though. It requires being by a hotspot...and HAVING LOCATION FREE PLAYER! WHO HAS THAT? I'd love to get it...but i just don't have the money. You can also play Wii games on the PS3 now. Yeah...emulators baby. WOOHOO!!!

ChickeyCantor3967d ago

"You can also play Wii games on the PS3 now. Yeah...emulators baby."

sarcasm or just being reall?
it seems that emulators cant really emulate the Wii controller.
so be happy all you want.

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