New Too Human details emerge

If you missed the EGM Dennis Dyack podcast interview, your in luck. Here's a compiled list of the most interesting facts about the game Too Human.

Dyack says UE3 engine is tweaked to the point that it's almost unrecognizable - TH has 4xaa, [which UE3 doesn't do]– but won't elaborate further.
There WILL be a playable demo out.
Multiplayer heavily integrated into the singleplayer.
No one knows what Too Human really is…people will be shocked when they see it.
Seamless jump in and out of 2-4 player co-op.
Massive story-line across 3 games, but each game is self-contained. Reminds people to remember that SK is known for their story telling and just because it hasn't been shown for TH, expect nothing less. Theme of the 1st game is "Discovery" - second game is "Revenge" - third is "Enlightenment."
Release date is set but he can't talk about it.
Diablo-like drops system for armor and weapons (rare chance at epic loot etc.), powers and skill-trees to customize baldur (i.e. ranged or melee, etc.).

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THAMMER14264d ago

I am ready for this one.

ThaGeNeCySt4264d ago

as am I... I never lost faith in this title... their history with Legacy Of Kain solidified my purchase when this game was first announced

PS360WII4264d ago

This game I'm looking forward to ^^ well these 3 games I'm looking forward to

gta_cb4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

you say these three games, well are they being released all at the same time? or like Halo 1,2,3? OR is it three games on one disc?

i must read more about this game, looks like it mite be a good game to buy ;-)

ThaGeNeCySt4264d ago

i'm guessing it's a trilogy a la Halo 1, 2, and 3 & Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3

nambo4264d ago

I hear it's 3 games over the course of the 360's life. After all the hype and then the silence, I hope this game doesn't disappoint. 2-4 co-op sounds great. Any rumored release date?

Grown Folks Talk4264d ago

between june and august for a release date. who knows for sure with this one. if it matches it's potential, it could be a new standard for the 3rd person action genre.

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PS360PCROCKS4264d ago

Discovery” - second game is “Revenge” - third is “Enlightenment.”

Like star wars kinda haha, well I never lost faith in this even with the small amounts of news out for it...but the screenshots look amazing and their all very very old now...I don't know why this game garners so much attention from me but I cant wait to see what IGN gets to see later this month...does anyone know like the storyline for this or the battling? Is it kind of like a god of war, DMC, or what?

power of Green 4264d ago

Correct it's like DMC + GOW + Heavenly Sword and more. D.D. has real martial arts masters motion capturing every fighting move in Too Human with a realalistic weight!; and real physics. You can fight using your hands and feet, swords and guns. I wonder what they will do with the camera that so many people was angry about; will they fix it and turn it into a standard Camera system or will they make a standard with slightly more AI driven qualities or will there be two differnt modes where he keeps an improved version of his origanl vision in one mode and a more traditional system in the other(one being a harder setting?).

PS360PCROCKS4264d ago

Oh NICE! I love GOW and DMC that sounds like a bad ass combo...thanks for the info. But on the camera thing I think they will fix it I hope it's like god of war, but I hope it's a camera you can move around I hate fixed cameras as certain angles get so frustrating like in GOW where your trying to change an angle before you jump but you cant. Anything but the DMC camera that has to be the worst I have ever seen at times, atleast in the one I played, I think number 3

Jay da 2KBalla4264d ago

Man I never lost faith in this game. 2-4 player co-op over live jump in jump out Gears of War style is going to be the sh!t. Also Shane Kim of Microsoft Game Studios said this game will be out by June. O my god I cant wait. The visuals are really good and this game has 4xAA in 720p.

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