Sexism and Zelda

Could it be that the Zelda series is filled with nothing but sexism? Link is a strong male character, but what about Zelda? Is Zelda too frail for her own good? Are the women in Zelda only good for getting captured and needing good old Link to fix them? Is there a single strong woman in the entire Zelda franchise?

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ChickeyCantor3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

"Is there a single strong woman in the entire Zelda franchise"

OOT>impa,Nabooru, there you have it.

these articals are really stupid!

kmis873600d ago

What about the latest game? Midna anyone? She's goes through a lot tougher crap then Link and still keeps going. She's the strongest character in the whole damn game.

Duker3600d ago

They should just make it so zelda can shoot laser beams from her eyes and rockets from her anus. Maybe that would shut up the stupid feminists.

ps: men are better than woman at everything except looking good.

DonSqueak3599d ago

What about cooking and cleaning? (Just kidding)

Azurite3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Someone didn't play Ocarina of Time.
Sheik ring a bell?

ALItheWISE3600d ago

Zelda always helps link defeat ganon she holds 1/3 of the tri-force, and midna was links right hand Woman?? Who writes this crapola??????????