Jack Thompson suing over upcoming Manhunt and GTA sequels

Everybody's favourite anti-violent game activist, Jack Thompson, is once again attacking game publisher Take-Two over the release of Manhunt 2 and GTA IV.

Making it clear that he will never give up, Thompson has filed a lawsuit to "prevent the sale of two hyperviolent video games set to be released this year and sold to anyone under 17 years of age".

Thompson goes on to state that despite both games receiving 'Mature' ratings from the ESRB ratings board, findings have revealed that "they are still sold 42% of the time to kids under 17."

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Skizelli4268d ago

I'm sure my knowledge of the law has holes in it, but I can almost guarantee his lawsuit won't hold any water. It would be a violation of the 1st amendment and to my understanding, a judge could only put a stop to it if it were a nuisance to society, which it won't be. Nobody cares but him.

PureGamer4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

fuking mug.

But i agree why are these 2 games sold to under 17's ? oh well thats america for ya.

THAMMER14268d ago

Why dose he not attack child porn sites like he attack video games. Fu(kin freak @ss douche bag.

LegendaryMark4268d ago

the man actually has some legitimate concerns. Marketing mature video games to children isn't good, and certainly retailers (note: RETAILERS, not the devs themselves) are at fault if they sell mature games to minors. Why the US can't follow the UK and make it illegal for a shop to sell a 17+ game to under-17s, I don't know. But the man makes his points in such a ridiculous media-whoring way with absolutely stupid lawsuits like this one. I am all for a debate on violent video games and even some rule changes, but let's just leave idiots like Thompson out in the cold. I mean, any man who references his own testicles in the filing of a lawsuit deserves to lose it, at the very least.

techie4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

Out of interest...why these two games?

Also "for sale to 17 and under" - the people who should be targetted here are the retailers and parents - not the companies that produce the games.

Also I think it's slightly ironic, since Manhunt is a critique of the state of entertainment in the modern day - where the main protagonist hunts down the sick producer of this reality show and kills him. I think it's a great way of making violence in games more real - and to make you actually think "I'm killing people - this is kind of disturbing" - rather than games that just seperate us from the reality.

As human beings we are obsessed with our own mortality and death, and what it is like to die or even to kill someone. If playing games can explore this possibility, then I think it makes it a much safer world (unless your head is already twisted up). Just keep them away from the kids.

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