Pong Creator: Online gaming 'not cool'

During a BAFTA discussion last night Pong creator Nolan Bushnell noted that online gaming was "not cool," submitting that face-to-face interaction was the future of gaming.

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Dawn_Of_Ashes3532d ago

he should get with the time, online gaming with co-op is the new big thing in the gaming industry

Cajun Chicken3532d ago

I'd agree, but peoplem shouldn't forget about splitscreen features, co-op and a strong focus on singleplayer. I'm one of those people don't want the future just to be 'online games'.

AuToFiRE3532d ago

I must agree with him, gaming used to be somethign for socialising, now its all about online multiplayer, where is the fun in that when your friends come over?

manwich253532d ago

I totally agree. I took a copy of "GRID" over to my buddies house for some racing fun, and I was disapointed to realize that it was a system link game. Its total bull that split screen has gone the way of the DoDo.

stuntman_mike3532d ago

i agree with him, playing online is just single-player with more realisatic bots with disembodied voices calling you names. now go over a friends house put on 4 player mariokart now thats multi-player awesomeness (or pro evo tournaments round a friends house)