Arctic Edge will significantly push the PSP

NowGamer: Motorstorm: Arctic Edge will significantly push the PSP's hardware according to BigBig, but the dev says we still haven't seen everything Sony's handheld is capable of

"MotorStorm: Arctic Edge really does push the machine," game director Richard Ogden told NowGamer. "We've got more physics and damage and destruction going on than most other games on the system...

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farhsa20083527d ago

boy i am so looking forward to this, resistance and motorstorm on psp, woooot

anh_duong3527d ago

don't forget little big planet

DragonWarrior_43527d ago

I wish this was on the ps3 instead.

Cajun Chicken3527d ago

Hmm, it is a pretty good theme of landscape, I was thinking that myself when it got first announced.

SuperM3527d ago

yep, agreed. I want this on my PS3 in glorious High Definition.

CobraKai3527d ago

We'll see a port to the PS2.

Eiffel3527d ago

I've been meaning to get a racing title for my psp.

Looks like I've found one.

Punisher953527d ago

Good thats what Sony needs is all these good games like little big planet,motorstorm,resistance. they will have to improve the Graphics on the PSP tho

JayX6663527d ago

little big planet on psp would be mind boggling, you think it could it be exactly like the ps3 version??!

Marquis_de_Sade3526d ago

To the disagree, surely you don't think the PSP is capable of the complex physics engine present on the PS3 version of LBP?

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