Retail prepares for "huge" PlayStation 3 launch

Stores praise supply chain ahead of multiple midnight launches.

Retailers are expecting a "huge" launch for the PlayStation 3 next week, as Sony's latest home console finally reaches Europe.

Aside from the official launch with Virgin Megastores, entertainment, specialist and independent stores across the UK are opening at midnight to fulfil pre-orders and sell consoles to punters eager to get their hands on the next-gen Sony machine.

"The launch of the PS3 is going to be huge," commented Jorden Jones, product manager at specialist chain Gamestation, which will be opening over 200 stores at midnight on March 22.

"We are very excited and have been working alongside Sony to create specially modified PS3 concept bays in some of our stores. By opening at midnight our customers can collect and play on their pre-ordered consoles as soon as possible," he said.

"After nearly twenty years in the business I've never known such charged anticipation for a console launch - it's getting a little crazy and we're still over a week away," said Steve O'Brien, veteran independent retailer.

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D R Fz4263d ago

if the ps3 launch goes as planned and is indeed the biggest launch in Europe tot the time, then it might be a big upset to both the Xbox 360 and Wii.

eclipsegryph4263d ago

I think that's a pretty big "if", though. I mean, you've got game retailers and Sony saying "this is going to be so huge", but then you've got the media reporting consumer apathy towards the console, pre-orders still avaliable one week from launch, and fears about pricing/backwards compatability/etc.

I guess we won't know until we get there. As I see it, the only thing the PAL PS3 launch has going for it is that it's not fighting with anyone else's launches.

Marty83704263d ago

It's what happens after launch that will decide the european market. If Sony can keep retail supplied with PS3 units in large ammounts. PS3 could go on to dominate the market.

PureGamer4263d ago

Thursday night/Friday morning ill be standing outside Game waiting to get my hands on one.

Syko4263d ago

Seriously I don't know how the UK is but when I picked mine up on launch I waited 43 hours and was 5th in line. If you got a preorder than thats fine, But if you're just going to wait you will just see a big line by Thursday. Just some friendly advice...

Black Republican4263d ago

however it is about longevity not just LAUNC although that does play a big part
ps3 still has a way to go to catch up to wii and a longer road to catch 360

Gamer134263d ago

Im not planning on getting a ps3 because it aint got enough games and most of the multi platform games or better on the 360, the end of 2007 ill get a ps3 by then we should be seeing some nice games and a few exlusives.

IM OUT...///"""

BrotherSic4263d ago

well if you want one, you can still preorder ;) or just walk into a shop on launch day ;)

SmokeyMcBear4263d ago

I have a dumb question and not sure where to post it, but i thought of here since i saw the word. What does platform game mean. I thought it meant a type of game where you jump on platforms to get through the levels, but multi-platform means games on different sytems, Im just confused I guess.

lilwingman4263d ago

A "platformer" is a genre of games, like you said.

"Multi-platform" is a completely different concept, and just means that the game is available on two "platforms", which is basically another word for "console".

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