German Retailer Pulls Violent Games in Wake of School Shooting

German retailer Galeria Kaufhof has removed violent games and DVDs from its store in the wake of a school shooting that left 16 dead.

The retailer will not stock any movies or games sold with an 18-plus rating, with no exception.

This would appear to come in direct reaction to the report that the shooter was a known Counte-Strike and Far Cry 2 player.

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NobleRed3532d ago

Welcome to Deutschland. They go everytime crazy when something like this happens. They should not forget to take out Conter Strike because you can play it when you are 16 years old.

klendathu3532d ago

what do u expect? they have to close down some stores to avoid bankruptcy and with such a (imho stupid) decision they sure have media's attention. so that's some good PR they get. Not to forget that this PR is for free ...

back to my "Killergames" *g*

ChozenWoan3532d ago

we'll just over look the fact that he obviously spent lots of time actually shooting a real gun and just base his incredible accuracy on his video game playing. Yes, his dad being a gun club member with a decent number of weapons had nothing to do with this. We also wont mention how much press he was hoping to get from committing a "school shooting", yes this whole incident was all due to video games.

So to keep you safe, Need for Speed and racing games have to go as they teach people how to drive at high speeds in urban settings.

All Fishing, Deer Hunter, Duck Hunt games have to go as well. Can't have cruelty to animals as that leads to cruelty to humans. Ohh and this also means Mario games have to go as well as he is always stomping on turtles.

It is tragic what has happened, but knee jerk reactions like what this store has done only feeds the fear. Fear is what people who commit these acts are seeking to inflect on others, as if transferring their fears will cause the world to understand their pain and make everything better. What the media should have focused on was the source of the fear that this individual was reacting to. From what I can gather, sounds like nothing he could do would please his pops so he took it out on others. But that is just the opinion of someone halfway around the world.