NPD US Analysis: PS3 Standing Strong Despite Price

Well the NPD verdict is out and yet again the Playstation 3 manages to not only remain popular in the US, it also demonstrates that despite it's current price point, US gamers are certainly enjoying it's software offerings as well.

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solideagle13561d ago

y? its NO? i have read the peter dille interview he states that they are after profitable business and xbox is after market share so u get the point. when they will feel to drop the price they will. they are not bunch of babies or r they blind. they know what they are doing so keep that thing to them.

Sales Sales Sales.....first PS has no games....then bluray will fail....then attach rates.....and now sales...what nxt?? who wil publish new console first?

i know Killzone 2 didnt sell 2 million in one day but y does it matter to u? did u have any $$$ in it? second PS exclusives sell slow but they sell for example LBP it reached 2 million(according to VGchartz which are wrong so it should be around 2.5) but xbox fans were saying it was a flop at launch.

conclusion: i m looking forward to games and Sony strategy.


San Frandisco3561d ago

uh,i think you took my comment wrong and thought i was saying something bad here.
allow me...
im a ps3 fanboy,i almost love everything sony related,and my comment says "NO duh!" as in NO DUH THERE STILL DOING FANTASTIC and they will continue to do well no matter what NPD or VGcharts or MEDIA creat sales say.
\i got 4 dissagrees for agreeing with the analyst? wtf man!

MURKERR3561d ago

if not you should stop trolling and making yourself look like an uneducated fanboy

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3561d ago

Aaron *bleep*nerd FTL

I was hoping someone would finally call his BS.

SL1M DADDY3561d ago

Shows the positive side of the sales shown for February. With all the slamming that MS has done in the past 24 hours it's nice to see that some journalists see how well Sony is doing with its current price point, todays economy and the line of games it has. In the end, the Sony PS3 is tracking well and steadily increasing in sales despite being the more expensive console. In todays economy, anything that is the more expensive unit and gaining in sales should be commended, not condemned.

Kudos to the author for the fresh read.

Danja3561d ago

So the PS3 sold 4k less this February than it did last's really in trouble guys ....

the 360 managing to sell just 123k more than the PS3 even though it twice as cheap isn't that impressive when you look at it , the Wii is more expensive than the 360 and is doubling it's monthly sales the 360 can't double the PS3's monthly sales being twice as cheap...

btw SF4 sales are neck and neck , so much for PS3 owners dont buy games...

Aquanox3561d ago

ps3xtreme, ps3evolution, ps3fanboy, ps3world, etc... every fanboy site's trying to spin it but Sony.

Saigon3560d ago

someone else looked through the numbers.

y0haN3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

The consumers who bought one made a wise choice.

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Final_Rpg3561d ago

I want to see what the effect of a price cut would be. Can sony lower the price for like a month, just to see what would happen. It would be an exciting month I'll tell you that.

solideagle13561d ago

i think if they were to drop the price they would have done it with the release of killzone 2.which is not the case perhaps after E3 or at Xmas. who knows

OmarJA3561d ago

Try tell the xbots that...

Sony is shipping 3 successful consoles world wide at once & they still making money , this something M$ will never achieve.

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