Logitech Launches Wireless PS3 Keyboard and ChillStream Joypad

C-net reports:

Six new gizmos were unveiled at CeBIT 2007, all designed to make your gaming experience a little more civilised.

The most innovative of the bunch was the Logitech ChillStream Controller, a pad with an active cooling system. It has a built-in 40mm fan that pushes cool air through to gamers' fingers. The idea is that it'll prevent sweaty palms during those marathon gaming sessions. Glossy black and metallic silver versions are available for around €39 (£20).

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Violater4265d ago

Not buying anymore controllers until rumble is re-released.

Karebear4265d ago

I'd like the keyboard though

lilwingman4265d ago

I'm holding out for the controller that butters my toast :P

BIadestarX4265d ago

I think they should also release a desk not a computer desk. but some sort of console desk. You know there is a reason why game console exists; considering that PC are always a head in terms of graphics.
If I am going to play a game with a keyboard and mouse why not do it using DirectX 10; something that no console can match.
Ohh yeah... keyboard and mouse on your living room.

techie4265d ago

I think that pad is pretty cool with the hand cooling vents - maybe that kind of stuff could act as a subtle forcefeedback from the controller - when there is a gust of wind the controller blows air out into your face...cooooool

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