Coming to America: Square Enix sets up LA game shop

VG247 Writes:The opening of Square Enix's LA Studio is an effort to catch up in the multi-platform dev raced, the company said today.

"Square Enix as a whole fell behind in multi-platform development", said Square-Enix's Fumi Shiraishi

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Microsoft Xbox 3603561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

"We've fallen behind in multi-plat development thanks to the 360"

Touching the 360 was the worst thing to happen to Square Enix.

chasegamez23561d ago

first make a good game
Square Enix

Software_Lover3561d ago

Just like last gen. Same type of games and in numbers. Its just the Final Fantasies that get recognized for the most part. No one complained last gen but now everyone is pissed because the games aren't on a Sony console.

Awookie3561d ago

The only game i would like to see more of is kingdom hearts. Whoring out FF and Dragon Quest is all they have been doing for a long time.

Narutone663561d ago

Just like Halo is being whore out by MS.

Danja3561d ago

How about a sequel to the bouncer..I would really like that , just plz add more SP length ....

Rock Bottom3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

Oh no, not the bouncer.

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LarVanian3561d ago

The title should actually say
""We've fallen behind in PS3 development""

Godmars2903561d ago

They worked at getting the most out of the one system they were on, took different directions in how they did RPGs but that was it until they tried a few PC titles.

Montreafart3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

I agree with your post, SE has always been about maxing the consoles hardware and pushing the system.

Thats why all their previous blockbusters were miles and leaps ahead of other games in terms of stories, graphics, sound etc.

They have never been about multi platforming. In fact, systems like the PS3 were designed for games like sandboxes and RPGs due to the larger storages and power of the processors and cards.

But SE has turned around 180% and basically slapped all their fans. Multi platform means lower quality. And if thats where they are heading, than I foresee even lower quality for their upcoming games.

And its not weird to see why many fans are angry about them pumping out more trash and telling us to pick those games up.

What happened to the triple A gem Squaresoft that pumps out nothing but stellar triple A games?

SE is a mere shadow of its former self. Hopefully Nomura can still show us how great a true system exclusive is, compared to the rest of the garbage.

Versus ftw.

Godmars2903560d ago

Its that they're heavily advertising it outside of Japan.

Usually, back in back in the day before Square was S/E, they'd experiment with "trash" in the pre or post wake for their meal ticket: FF.

Now they're pushing games on the 360 - their experiments - while showing what their best looks like on the console, what sadly appears to be a downgraded FFXIII from what was first shown. Something that will be extremely worse if it effects the initial JP-only release of the title. Which also brings fears about Versus since XIII was also once "PS3-only" and Square broke that promise.

Why dis3561d ago

No wonder this was falsely reported and deleted.

Montreafart3561d ago

Nintendo told SE president to "FK OFF" in front of hundreds of journalist. I think it was Tokyo game show too.

And SE (Squaresoft at that time) left Nintendo ever since.

You are 14 years old and totally fail to see how totally the situation back then was and the situation now.

The only one in SE which doesnt like Sony right now, is Wada and his goons. Nomura and the rest of the staff are PRO PS3.

You bet your stinkin ass that PS3 gets the best games from SE.

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