NPD Fallout: Was Killzone 2 a System Seller?

There's no doubt that Killzone 2 is a major part of Sony's strategy. As analysts and developers have increased the heat on Sony for a price drop on the PlayStation 3, many speculated that the company has been waiting to see how the adoption rate increases with the release of the game. For their part, Sony has sounded optimistic recently, calling it the first salvo in an onslaught of triple-A titles. "Killzone 2 will push 360 owners to try out the PS3. I think it's going to be a major launch for us and this historical PlayStation brand," said Sony's VP of product marketing Scott Steinberg.

The gulf between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 install base has once again grown, so it might not be pushing 360 owners like Steinberg hoped.

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MURKERR3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

.. decent article by 1up though, bottom line is at half the price of your competitor you should be beating the ps3 by more than a 100,000 in your home territory & you should be challenging the wii in sales considering your CHEAPER than that to! N4G will be interesting place once the rumoured ps3 price cut hits

morganfell3561d ago

As I stated elsewhere, you have to consider the words of NPD's own wiki page:

"NPD covers roughly 60-65% of the U.S. retailers."

So if you follow their words and take the sales for the 2 days in February, and you make the leap that the other 35-40% of retailers sold at the same rate, retailers like Toys R Us that are not covered by NPD, then you get a figure of between 497,000 and 539,000 units. Think that would move some consoles?

solideagle13561d ago

but after watching NPD and the trends i think answer is a big NO.
Sony f**ked up this time they better price cut with a game release hmmmmm Infamous would be perfect.

Rampant3561d ago

Halo 3 helped Microsoft sell consoles months in advance and months after. There's a system seller.

sack_boi3561d ago

The most hyped game of the year, the Halo killah (yeah, Killzowned 2) didn't even match Gears 2 sales. I can't stop laughing.

I have the game and it's awesome (I just unlocked the tactician class), but it really feels good to be able to rub it in the PS3 fanboys faces on this site. Same people that were saying "as soon as LBP is out, the 360 will just stop selling", or "as soon as KILLZONE 2 is out Microsoft will go bankrupt..."

Conclusion : stop the B.S with the Microsoft/Halo/Gears... killah, just enjoy the games and let them "kill" themselves.

SL1M DADDY3561d ago

Does it really feel good to rub it in the faces of Sony Fanboys? Becoming a fanboy yourself to do so? If so then you need to get out more often and experience the real world my friend. The same folks that said Killzone 2 would demolish anything Xbox 360 in terms of sales were nothing more than fanboys and to become a person who enjoys wasting your time bashing them... Well, that speaks much of your own fanboyisms.

The truth here is that Killzone 2 was recorded in sales for only two days out of Feb. Knowing that we can safely say that we don't know the answer to what the article is asking and should wait. The underlying truth of it all however is that what will it do for you and I if Killzone 2 was a system seller? Will it help you to sleep better? I know it won't for me and since it won't, I could care less. In the end, Sony has sold enough consoles already to help good games sell well enough to become profitable and at this point is a good place for devs to make games. That being said, owning all consoles is the best place to be but for those who only own the PS3, they too will have a wealth of games to enjoy in the upcoming months despite any of them being a system seller or not.

lordgodalming3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

I've got three answers to the question this article poses, all of which seem to be true:

1) Yes, KZ2 sold (and will continue to sell) a pile of systems.
2) No, KZ2 didn't (and won't) sell as many systems as people wanted it to or thought it might.


JustinSaneV23561d ago


Your argument is not valid. From the link you posted:

"Although, NPD does not track Wal-Mart, they do estimate Wal-Mart and other retailers' sales using various algorithms and estimations."

likedamaster3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

I'm with sack_boi, it feels really good to do so while enjoying the same games you ps3fanboys play(or claim to).

Edit: Btw, morganfell has been posting the same things in almost all the npd/Killzone2 posts doing major damage control. You'd think he worked for Sony/PS3 or something. LOL Fail

360FanLord3561d ago

u give all 360 owners a bad name,lol

i guess in your mind killzone 2 was release in the very first second the month change.

am no fanboy, i just prefer my 360 over my ps3 but some of the news that gets approve here is just flat out dumb and some of the comments like you make me even question if know anything other then been a dutch fanboy.

i means something 360 fanboys can be worst then ps3 fanboys, i guess u are prove of it, lol

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San Frandisco3561d ago

but everyone needs to get their head in the right direction about kz2's sales as they are only in feb for 2 freagn days man lol,spining or anything else by fanboys is strait redonculous.
i know a few friendo's that bought their ps3's during the month of january for KZ2 so its not all about february ya know and its defienently not all about NA either.

iHEARTboobs3561d ago

it's still a kickass game!

Firstkn1ghT3561d ago

I agree that it only shows 2 days of sale so we'll just have to wait for another month to see the real impact it has created. But you have to agree that the sales have been seriously declining so don't expect huge numbers. The second week dropped 50% and the third week dropped another 50%. The sony fans love it but it definitely didn't move consoles like most of you said. I tried it and didn't like it. Control sucked but I haven't tried the new control as I hear they got a patch. The enemy and weapon variety was weak. It just felt like the same ole shooter I been playing for years. I still don't want anything on the ps3 yet. I'm still waiting for my beloved Twisted Metal.

dalibor3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

Come on man, Ps3 has great games bro. I enjoyed playing Uncharted, Mgs4, Lbp, Warhawk, Cod4, Heavenly Sword, The Darkness, Oblivion, Killzone 2, Nba2k9, Tiger Woods PGA tour 09, Motorstorm, GTA4 ect. Even the Ps store has some enjoyable games. I don't believe that you hate every single game on the Ps3, did you forget about 3rd party games? I don't have a 360 but it does have great games also just like the Ps3. You should check out some of the Ps3 games from a friend or something & you might come to realization that you might like some of the games that the Ps3 has to offer. There are to many games on all consoles as of right now & saying that every game on the Ps3 sucks holds no logic. Same could be said of the 360 + Wii. Dalibor the f*ck out.

Firstkn1ghT3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

I didn't say I hate the ps3 games. I'm just saying that their isn't anything on there that I really want to play over and over. Don't like MGS and LBP is to kiddy for me. I played and beat Uncharted, Resistance 1 & 2 and liked those 3 games but I don't need to play them again. A simple play at my cousins house will be more than enough. Twisted Metal on the other hand is a game that I can play over and over and still waiting for that game. The 360 is more than enough console for me right now and has every genre taken care of.....EXCEPT a Twisted Metal type game.

dalibor3561d ago

Hmm I see. Some of the games that I like to play over & over are Nba2k9, Warhawk, Motorstorm:PR, & now Killzone. Online at least. I try to play all the games that I have online b/c I enjoy them. Twisted Metal would be cool to play online though, imagine having like 40 players creating carnage everywhere.

DelbertGrady3561d ago

If MS added all the imaginary 360 owners on N4G to their sales they would be giving the Wii a run for it's money.

Anon19743561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

They already include replacements through retailer warranties as sales, and refurbed units in Europe packaged in new bundles. Why not take the next logical step and just makes sale up? Hell, I'm surprised they still aren't trying to claim a 3% failure rate or that nobody needs HDMI. :)

likedamaster3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )


Well, said.


Soda's point? It works both ways, don't be a hypocrite(kettle/pot both black).


I see it struck a nerve with you. The irony of your many bubbles is mindblowing.

on topic/
Killzone 2 failed to meet expectations in its first 2 days and DID NOT move ps3 consoles like most said it would. Period.

DelbertGrady3560d ago

The one making stuff up is you. MS do not count refurbished 360's or replacements in their sales data.

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