IE 8's more secure, interestingly innovative: video

Internet Explorer 8 takes some long-needed strides to bring it up to speed with its competitors. It's more secure, with tab sandboxing and more aggressive malicious site warnings, and introduces some slick new features like Accelerators and Web slices.

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Zeus Lee3533d ago

Interesting,when Firefox stops working,I might load it up.

anh_duong3532d ago

private surfing mode = porn surfing mode?

Microsoft Xbox 3603532d ago

The PS3's built in web browser is more secure than IE7 or 8. FACT.

Eiffel3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

What does this have to do with the PS3 you tool?

Quit trying to start sh1t.

KionicWarlord2223532d ago

ie8 is more secure and faster not as fast as firefox. but lately safari 4 is faster then them both.

Bladestar3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

@KionicWarlord222... come on you have to be smarter than that.

Things are never black or white.

The truth is that it actually depends what you are browsing.

Most of the test perform by specific people to try to imply that their browser is faster are specific.

As a developer who currently use all browser I can tell you that.

For example, these are facts.

Loading images, firefox is slower than IE8 and Chrome.

For Javascript, IE8 is slower than firefox and google chrome since they both use a newer version of the javascript engine.

IE in many cases is faster rendering html than firefox and Chrome.

IE is faster loading external javascript files but not executing them.

How fast a browser is depends also on your settings.

For example, turning off your catching for all browser will give you an idea which one is faster.

So, the point is... I think all browsers at this point have reach the point where how fast pages load depend on how fast is your internet connection.

It's a matter of brand loyalty and preference.

Also, secure depends on what you do with it. It does not matter how many guns you carry... going to Iraq increases your chances of dying.
So, if you avoid going into illegal sites... your security becomes an add on.

And this new feature that IE has... that turns off everything in order to keep your session private... is better than anything Firefox has to offer... since this feature does not exist on firefox yet.

Funky Town_TX3532d ago

I know that the M$ haters will hate.

Kyur4ThePain3532d ago

Even if what you say is true, can you blame them for not liking IE so far? Maybe 8 is better. Who knows?

Heldrasil3532d ago


I like it as well, never had any problems with IE.

Rofflecopter3532d ago

never really had problems with IE, but i still prefer the customization of firefox.

Eiffel3532d ago

I only use IE when Firefox crashes after I get the feedback window. I've found Opera is best when loading flash videos.

lalapin08103532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

all the features came frome Chrome , lol

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The story is too old to be commented.