So, How Many People Have Used PlayStation Home?

Sony's Home has weathered its fair share of insults since launch. But putting arguments over the service's usefulness aside for a moment, lets today look at some numbers.

So what do those numbers mean for Sony? Bad news first: they either mean there are a lot of PS3 owners who don't connect to the internet, or there are a lot of PS3 owners who simply don't care about Home. Probably a good mix of both, because for a free service pitched as such an important part of the PlayStation Network, four million is a pretty low figure.

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Zeus Lee3533d ago

Plenty of people Kotaku!

Question;Why do you care so much though,it's a Ps3 product so shouldn't you be blogging about Avatar changes and things of such nature?

original seed3533d ago

But LEonKennedy is right. Its not for everyone. Its kinda like its not for anyone.

LeonSKennedy4Life3533d ago

Thank you, original seed.'s definitely not an everybody thing. It will be eventually though...which is what they're working towards. Variety is key here.

Bnet3433533d ago

I used HOME like 5 times when it came out and never went back. HOME sucks. Even HHG agrees and he loves PS3. It sucks period. Sony works on a lame ass Second Life clone instead of working on more important things like custom soundtracks for all games, cross-game invites, party chat while playing, etc. Give me features I want man, not this.

PoSTedUP3533d ago

i agree it sucks so far, it was cool in the beginning though. playing pool and chess etc.. checking everything out for the first time...

but now its like meh... the only reason i went on it today was because my friend told me 50 cent releases some of his songs on [email protected], it was a full 6 minutes of meh..

but hey its still a beta and the possibility's are still their.

claney3533d ago

i wish more games had custom soundtracks not everygame, because it would ruin the feel for some games, also there has been a simple version of cross-game invites for ages, Splinter Cell: DA had it, so all they had to do was put in the game check msg's and accept invite, its just another one of those developer things, i dont care much about that feature if i wanted to play i would be on that game already, but i do want a voice chat party thing so i can voice chat with some people will playing different games or the same game, thats my only feature i want, that i can think of atm.

Montreafart3533d ago

With an ever increasing install base, you can bet the HOME user will jump up as well.

Im one of those who rarely log into HOME, because its just too cumbersome right now. I dont have much time and when I do, I just want to play some games.

I would like to see HOME expand a little more before jumping in.

So yes, 4 million is HUGE.

HOME = massive success if thats the case.

kwicksandz3533d ago

I have .. for 30 minutes once.

20 of those minutes spent downloading and loading the zones... Maybe it will have a purpose one day. but it was not this day.

rockleex3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

That's 1 out of 4 PSN users! O_O

I have no idea what Kotaku is talking about... low figures, what the hell. -_-"

Marquis_de_Sade3532d ago

Home isn't really my cup of tea, but several people on my friends list spend a good deal of time on it. Personally I don't have the time to waste on Home, let alone waiting to play a game within Home.

PS3istheshit3532d ago

i seriously didnt like home
why couldnt Sony do something else like update the 3 year old xmb
its a waste of money to spend it on home
but i dont think sony will let it go
wat really pissed me off was wen i saw a fake sofa for $5
F U man

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Lfmesquite3533d ago

how many still use it? I used it a few times when it first came out, it was just a chatroom with no keyboard and embarrassing looking avatars.

I haven't used it in 3 months probably.

LeonSKennedy4Life3533d ago

I consider that a good thing.

Home is better when people who appreciate it are there. I've met over 50 people on there since it started. It's better if you're a social person though...







Why are you still reading this comment?

jwatt3533d ago

Yea it's actually been a while, I used to go on it to play chess but the tables are always full or somebody will get on and then just quit. I'm waiting for the EA Home space which looks pretty cool.

Bnet3433533d ago

Yeah avatars are god awful, I haven't used it ever since it came out.

LeonSKennedy4Life3533d ago

You should go back. It's a lot more interesting now...

There's a lot more variation in style.

The avatars are freakin' awesome.

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TrevorPhillips3533d ago

I havent been on it in ages, im just waiting until it expands then ill get back on it

DERKADER3533d ago

Finally my PS3 has a 3D chat room with mini games and ads. Forget cross game chat or game invites or faster loading XMB or voice messaging or game invites or party system. Finally I have lame apartment with nothing in it, which is the only place that allows me to have a group chat. Finally I have 4 different spaces that have nothing to do in them. Finally I have a place where I can spend my time meeting random strangers and pretend their my friend. Finally I have a place that only supports game launching for 2 games. But it's still in beta they will say. Well they had 2 years to work on this and realized it was lame so stuck beta on it so they had an excuse.


Hallucinate3532d ago

im just ganna say hopes that you will understand how R&D works
they have more then 1 teams *gasp*

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