Worst Person In The Gaming World (March 13-20)

Games Gazette writes:

"It's that time again.

We haven't done this in a while, but we figured that there is a reason to bring this back for a week (we have enough people to do this for that have really effed up big time).

Conservative "Christians" World Net Daily, Nerve Media, and our old friend Greenie all made this list. And oh my God, do we EVER have winners for this week. Just remember that this is just ranked based upon opinion only. You judge who really deserves top spot, since they all deserve it this week.

Here we go, this week's nominees for Worst Person In The Gaming World."

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panasonic233533d ago

lol Aaron Greenberg look what you done you hurt this droid feeling ahahhhahahhah

JD_Shadow3532d ago

Said from one of the biggest xbots on this site.

Maybe if Greenie didn't have diarrhea at the mouth about Sony and worried more about his own company, we wouldn't be saying anything about him. Did you ever think about that?

Narutone663533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Aaron Greenberg is number one. But why is it that the third and second place aren't people?

Marceles3533d ago

Im sure Adam Sessler agrees with the #1

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3532d ago

Aaron *bleep*berg FTL

Was wondering when someone would call his BS.

JD_Shadow3532d ago

Worst Person or Person-S-. A company is considered a group of people.

San Frandisco3533d ago

you fat idiot,now youve gone an won yourself an award for the most natorious d-bag out here.
congrats on your achievment turd.

PirateThom3533d ago

Does Greenberg work for Microsoft or Sony?

I can never tell, he seems to mention Sony a lot.

Doctor_Doom3532d ago

What will happen if they Hired POG or Why Dis instead of Aaron ???

LostDjinn3532d ago

reminds me of George Bush Jr.?