Please, JRPG's, Let Me Run Free

Nadia Oxford Of Writes:

"One of the Internet's favourite hobbies is complaining about the senility of the JRPG genre. The behemoth genre is in fact staggering, and it might not be long before its chest touches the ground. I think the wolves are feeding a bit early, though: JRPGs are a huge market, and it takes a long time for a disease to run its course through a big animal. Besides, there's very little wrong with JRPGs that can't be chased off with a few shots."

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Captain Obvious3532d ago

If you remove some of these features then they aren't JRPGs anymore. It's all part of the charm, and recently they've been moving away from random battles anyway.

cyrus2283532d ago

i luv jrpgs no matter what its my fav genre, currently 74 hours in star ocean 4 right now. random battles suck tho lol, seeing the enemy then engaging is the best, its just that simple, no need to run just avoid if need be, because nothing is more annoying than 2 steps battle, 1 step battle, and they're only givin 2 exp lol sux.

luv the way star ocean 3 and 4 does it, of all the fights i've been in the 74 hours playing that game i never ran once :D

Jihaad_cpt3532d ago

I loved how FF XII map and world played it just seem to flow so much better.

cyrus2283532d ago

i hated the gameplay, it was ff11 offline, didnt have anything cool like materia or draw system, gambits just played for u, i didnt like that. my opinion tho, hopefully its gonna be fixed in ff13, i'll find out when i get demo i guess lol.

SpoonyRedMage3532d ago

Random encounters were good and I don't mind them but the "seeing monsters on the field and then going into battle" system is much better in my opinion, it keeps the same feel but you actually know what monsters are in an area.

FFXII was too much like KOTOR for my liking, KOTORs great but it's not FF.

SpoonyRedMage3532d ago

I do dislike not being able to run away sometimes, especially considering it's realistically harder to runaway when there's more enemies but being KOed on DQ isn't as bad as most other JRPGs. It's not a game over for one.

_Q_3532d ago

If you dont like JRPGs for what they are then don't play them. There is nothing wrong with them