Wallace and Gromit Grand Adventures Interview at Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed Editor Gareth Von Kallenbach has posted an interview with Telltale about their new Wallace and Gromit game.

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jay23561d ago

I love Wallace and Gromit, I hope we have more W&G before we loose Peter Sallis. I mean he's 88, I really hope we get at least 1 more movie/TV show.

Elven63561d ago

I hate to think of the day we lose Peter Sallis, he's had such a interesting life. From the RAF to a award winning acting career, he is truly a legend and I wish him many more years.

Although Sallis won't be in this game, his official voice double will take over the role, I find it a bit funny he has a official stand in for Wallace.

Regardless, day 1 buy for me, :)

Garethvk3561d ago

There is more in the works I believe.